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Freitag, 22. Januar 2016

Soul Connection

RapsodY [Album] (2009.04.09)
1. Hey Ma (Csp Still Pm Maslo Jepp - Feat. Kuan) 
2. Cataract (Rhymics Keyreal - Feat. Yoon Young)
3. Like This (Still Pm Maslo)
4. Black Out (Maslo Jepp Blackman)
5. Respect (Csp Maslo Jepp Still Pm Dj Tiz)
6. This Night For Our Times (Rhymics - Feat. Loca)
7. Right Now (Keyreal Kwang Yo Dj Tiz)
8. The Track (Dj Tiz - Feat. Dj Wreckx)
9. That Shit (Rhymics Maslo - Feat. Jkyun)
10. Im Ballin (Jepp Blackman Dj Tiz)
11. Abuse (Csp Still Pm - Feat. Deadp)
12. Other Story Each Other (Still Pm Rilord Dj Tiz)
13. Hot Spot (Csp Rhymics)
14. Feel So Damn (Still Pm Kwang Yo)
15. Rise The Lord (Rilord Jepp Blackman)
16. Sc Vs Sc

2009 Instrument [Album] (2009.12.04)
On this CD are complet 25 Tracks ~

Day Life & Soul Connection Collabo (7DAYs) [Mini Album] (2010.07.27)
1. Intro
2. Day Life (Feat. 소이)
3. Hey
4. 지하철
5. Day Life Part.2 (Feat. Jay)
6. The Begining Of Day
7. Day Life (DJ Wreckx Remix Ver.)

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