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Montag, 4. Januar 2016


First Love (Yiruma Piano Collection) [Album] (2001.00.00)
18 Tracks

Vol.1 Love Scene [Album] (2001.05.00)
1. Overture 
2. Autumn Scene 
3. 남 과 여 (Un Homme Et Une Femme) 
4. Memories In My Eyes 
5. Picture Me 
6. Sunny Rain 
7. Gabriel 
8. Tears On Love 
9. Looking Back 
10. Nothing To Say (Just Wanna Say) 
11. Eversince 
12. Wait There 
13. Remember The Scene 

Vol.2 First Love (Repackage) [Album] (2001.12.01)
1. I 
2. May Be 
3. Love Me 
4. River Flows In You 
5. Passing By 
6. It's Your Day 
7. When The Love Falls 
8. Left My Hearts 
9. Time Forgets... 
10. On The Way 
11. Till I Find You 
12. If I Could See You Again 
13. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 
14. I... 
15. Farewell 
16. Kiss The Rain (String Ver.) 
17. When The Love Falls (String Ver.) 
18. I (String Ver.) 

Doggy Poo OST [Album] (2002.12.00)
15 Tracks ~

Vol.2 Oasis & Yiruma [Album] (2002.12.00)
14 Tracks on it ~

Vol.3 From the Yellow Room [Album] (2003.10.23)
1. The Scenery Begins
2. Chaconne
3. Yellow Room
4. Indigo
5. Kiss The Rain
6. The Day After
7. Sometimes... Someone
8. Falling
9. The Moment
10. 27. May
11. With the Wind
12. Indigo 2 (with Guitar)
13. Chaconne 2 (with Guitar)
14. ...

Nocturnal Lights… They Scatter [Album] (2004.05.05)
12 Tracks~

Destiny of Love [Album] (2005.04.19)
10 Tracks

Vol.4 Poemusic : The Same Old Story [Album] (2005.11.29)
12 Tracks ~

H.I.S. Monologue [Album] (2006.11.02)
1. h.i.s monologue
2. one day diary
3. septemberise
4. lord hold my hand
5. air on d
6. the sunbeams they scatter
7. poemusic logue
8. improvisation
9. h.i.s heaven
10. he knows my name

Vol.6 P.N.O.N.I [Album] (2008.10.21)
11 Tracks ~

Missing You [Album] (2009.00.00)
This CD have 32 Songs on it ~

The Very Best Of Yiruma - Yiruma & Piano [Album] (2011.11.30)
CD 1 Yiruma 2001~2004 
1.Wait There 「Love Scene」
2.Tears On Love 「Love Scene」 
3.I 「First Love」
4.MAY Be 「First Love」 
5.Love Me 「First Love」 
6.River Flows In You 「First Love」
7.It’s Your Day 「First Love」 
8.When The Love Falls 「First Love」
9.Passing By 「First Love」
10.Do You? 「Oasis & Yiruma」
11.As You Wish 「Oasis & Yiruma」 
12.All Myself To You 「강아지똥 O.S.T」 
13.Spring Rain 「강아지똥 O.S.T」
14.What Beautiful Stars 「강아지똥 O.S.T」 
15.Chaconne 「From the yellow room」 
16.Indigo 「From the yellow room」
17.Kiss The Rain 「From the yellow room」
18.Sometimes… someone 「From the yellow room」 
19.The Sunbeams… They Scatter 「Nocturnal lights… they scatter」 

CD 2 Yiruma 2005~2008 
1.Destiny of Love 「Destiny of Love」
2.추억과 함께 영원히 둘로 남는다 「Destiny of Love」
3.내 창가에서 보이는 풍경 「Destiny of Love」
4.Nocturnal Rainbow_밤의 무지개 「POEMUSIC」 
5.Because I Love You_사랑하기 때문에 「POEMUSIC」
6.Poem+_詩처럼 「POEMUSIC」
7.Wonder Boy_가을과 겨울이 만났다 「POEMUSIC」
8.Fotografia_희망이란 아이 「POEMUSIC」
9.Elegy_내 마음에 비친 내 모습 「POEMUSIC」
10.One Day Diary 「h.i.s. Monologue」 
11.Lord… Hold My Hand 「h.i.s. Monologue」
12.Joy 「P.N.O.N.I」
13.Loanna 「P.N.O.N.I」 
14.Ribbonized 「P.N.O.N.I」 
15.Sky 「P.N.O.N.I」
16.Journey 「P.N.O.N.I」
17.Hope 「P.N.O.N.I」 
18.Kiss The Rain(string ver.) 「First Love_Repackage」
19.When The Love Falls(string ver.) 「First Love_Repackage」

CD 3 Special Edition_New Movement 1st Digital Single 「Movement on a Theme by Yiruma」(2009) 
1.하늘 사이로 
2.너에게 보낸 내 마음 
3.슬픔, 물 위에 잠들다 
4.너의 마음속엔 강이 흐른다(River Flows in You feat. Ruvin) 03:40 2nd Digital Single 「Movement on a Theme by Yiruma」(2009) 
5.그 끝에는 내가 잊을까? 
6.잊혀지는… 잊혀질 시간들  
7.나에게로(To My Heart) 
8.함께 떠나다(How Could I) 01:53 Special Vocal Tracks 
9.잠시(Just For A While) 「Nocturnal lights… they scatter」  
10.Dream 「강아지똥 O.S.T」 
11.널 그리다 The Things I really) 「Oasis & Yiruma」 
12.사랑하기를(Beloved) by 정재욱 「Oasis & Yiruma」  
13.어떻게 날 잊어야 하는지 「Destiny of Love」

Prenatal Education Music [Album] (2012.02.20)
CD01. 엄마와 아기의 Daylight 
1. It's Your Day 
2. 27. May 
3. Kiss The Rain 
4. MAY Be 
5. One Day I Will 
6. Journey 
7. What Beautiful Stars 
8. Spring Rain 
9. Hope 
10. Sky 
11. Wonder Boy 
12. Dream (Piano Solo) 

CD02. 엄마와 아기의 Sweet Dream 
1. I 
2. Love Me 
3. Wait There 
4. Chaconne 
5. River Flows In You 
6. Do You? 
7. All Myself To You 
8. Sometimes…Someone 
9. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 
10. Passing By 
11. The Scenery Begins 
12. Sweet Dream My Dear 

Vol.7 Stay in Memory [Album] (2012.05.24)
12 Tracks~

Atmosfera [Album] (2014.06.25)
15 Tracks ~

Piano Museum [Album] (2004.11.25)
13 Tracks ~

너에게 보내는 피아노 [Album] (2014.11.27)
20 Tracks

Vol.9 Piano [Album] (2015.09.23)
11 Tracks