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Samstag, 25. Januar 2020

EXID (이엑스아이디)

Label: Yedang Entertainment
(Notice: It was announced on May 3, 2019 that members Hani and Junghwa would not be renewing their contracts with Banana Culture and that after the release of their new mini-album the group would be taking a temporary hiatus while the members pursue individual goals.)

Official Fanclub: L.E.G.G.O

Solji (Leader, Main Vocal, Lead Dancer)
LE (Main Rapper)
Hani (Lead Vocal, Visual, Lead Dancer)
Hyerin (Lead Vocal)
Jung Hwa (Vocal, Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae)

Ex/Former Member
Yuji (Former Leader, Main Vocal)
Dami (Lead Vocal)
Hae Ryung (Vocal, Visual)

Holla [Single] (2012.02.16)
1. I Do
2. Whoz That Girl

Hippity Hop [Mini Album] (2012.08.13)
1. Hana Bodan Dul (하나 보단 둘; Two is Better Than One)
2. I Feel Good
3. Jeonhwabel (전화벨; Telephone)
4. Think About
5. Whoz That Girl Part.2
6. I Feel Good (R.T Remix)

Maeilbam [Digital Single] (2010.10.02)
1. Maeilbam (매일밤; Every Night)
2. Maeilbam (inst.) (매일밤)

Wiarae (UP&DOWN) [Digital Single] (2014.08.27)

AH YEAH [Mini Album] (2015.04.13)
1. Ah Yeah
2. Aseulhae (아슬해; Risky)
3. Todak Todak (토닥토닥; Pat Pat)
4. Without You
5. 1M
6. Wiarae (위아래; Up & Down)
7. Maeilbam (Version 2) (매일밤; Every Night)
8. AH YEAH (Instrumental)

Hot Pink [Digital Single] (2015.11.18)
1. Hot Pink

Street [Album] (2016.06.01)
1. Deryeoda Jullae (데려다줄래; Walk Me Home)
2. L.I.E
3. Almyeonseo (알면서; I Know)
4. HELLO (Hani solo)
6. 3% (SOUL.G solo)
8. Dangyeonhae (당연해; Of Course)
9. Nyamnyam Jjeopjjeop (냠냠쩝쩝; Yum Yum Chomp Chomp) (Jung Hwa & Hyerin)
10. Yeoreum, Gaeul, Gyeoul, Bom (여름, 가을, 겨울, 봄; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
11. GOOD

UP & DOWN (Chinese Version) [Digital Single] (2017.01.10)
1. 上下 (Chinese Ver.)

Eclipse [Mini Album] (2017.04.10)
1. Boy
2. Natbodaneun Bam (낮보다는밤; Night Rather Than Day)
3. How Why
4. Uyu (우유; Milk) (Hani solo)
5. Velvet (LE solo)
6. Natbodaneun Bam (Inst.)

Full Moon [Mini Album] (2017.11.07)
1. Deol Deol Deol (덜덜덜)
2. Too Good To Me
3. Kkum e (꿈에; In a Dream) (Solji solo)
4. ALICE (feat. PINKMOON) (Junghwa solo)
5. Weekend (LE x Hani)
6. Seotun Ibyeol (서툰 이별; Bad Goodbye) (Hyelin solo)

Naeilhae (Lady) [Digital Single] (2018.04.02)
1. Naeilhae (Lady) (내일해)

UP & DOWN [JP Single] (2018.08.22)
1. Up & Down (Japanese Ver.)
2. Cream (Japanese Ver.)
3. Vaporize Yourself!
4. Up & Down (DJ Moe Remix)

I Love You (알러뷰) [Digital Single] (2018.11.21)
1. 알러뷰

TROUBLE [JP Album] (2019.04.03)
2. The Beauty is Guilty!?
3. Cookie & Cream
4. Memories
6. HOT PINK (JPN ver.)
7. Every Night (JPN ver.)
8. Too Good to Me (JPN ver.)
9. Without U (JPN ver.)
10. UP & DOWN (JPN ver.)

WE [Mini Album] (2019.05.15)
2. WE ARE...
3. Akkijima (아끼지마; The Vibe)
4. Eotteohkejinae (어떻게지내; How You Doin)
5. Nanguibam (낭의밤; Midnight)
6. Naeilhae (Lady) (Urban Mix) (내일해; Do It Tomorrow)
7. ME&YOU (Inst.)

Bad Girl For You [JP Single] (2019.12.25)
1. Bad Girl For You
2. Break My Heart

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