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Montag, 17. Dezember 2018

FLASHE (플래쉬; sometimes stylized as FlaShe)

Label: CGM Entertainment

Na Rae (Leader, Vocal, Rapper, Main Dancer)
Yerin (Vocal)
Se Ryeong (Vocal)

Former/Ex Member
Song Hee
Seol Hee
Cho A
Ga Eul
Su A
Su Hyun
Go Un
Si Yeon
Ye Ji
Minseo (Vocal)

The Flowers [Digital Single] (2014.04.30)
1. The Flowers
2. The Flowers (Inst.)

Hey You [Single] (2014.05.20)
1. Hey You 
2. Hey You (Inst.)

My Day [Single] (2015.01.07)
1. My Day
2. 그때 그 사람
3. My Day (Inst.)
4. 그때 그 사람 (Inst.)

Star of Stars [Single] (2015.07.29)
1. 별의별
2. 별의별 (Inst.)

Lip Bomb [Single] (2016.01.07)
1. Lip Bomb (립밤)
2. Lip Bomb (립밤) (Inst.)

FLASHE SEASON ALBUM [Digital Single] (2017.08.28)
1. POPPING (팝핑)

Baby Lotion [Digital Single] (2018.07.03)
1. 베이비로션 (BabyLotion) (Rap Ver.)
2. 베이비로션 (BabyLotion) (Ori Ver.)

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