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Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018

GP Basic (지피 베이직)

[Notice: In 2011, before the release of their second digital single, Hannah, left the group for educational reasons, was replaced by new member Mooi.

In 2014, it was reported that the group would make a comeback, but as a 5 member group, as Leah has reported to have left the group.

In early 2015, GP Basic began promotions in China without Janey. These promotions continued until the summer but without Trinity or Janey. Zion, Amet, and Mui performed as GPS (the speculated meaning of the name is GP Super). They have not released a new single, but performed cover songs as well as Pika-Burnjuck on a few Chinese music programs. There's rumors saying that they actually disbanded.]

Label: Jacyhan International

Zion (Leader, Vocal)
Amet (Lead Vocal)
Mooi (Main Dancer, Rapper)

Former/Ex Member
Hannah (Leader, Lead Vocal)
Leah (Leader, Main Vocal)
Janey (Main Rapper)
Trinity (Vocal, Lead Rapper)

GAME [Single] (2010.08.13)
3. GAME (Remix ver.)
4. LA LA LA (Remix ver.)

I'll Be There [Digital Single] (2010.11.12)
1. I'll Be There

Jelly Pop [Digital Single] (2011.07.14)
1. Jelly Pop

V [Digital Single] (2011.11.23)
1. V

Sicheong Ap Carol [Digital Single] (2011.12.05)
1. 시청 앞 캐롤

Edge Ta [Digital Single] (2012.02.14)
1. Edge 타

Pika-Burnjuck (삐까뻔쩍) [Digital Single] (2014.02.06)
1. Black Bounce (블랙 바운스)
2. Pika-Burnjuck (삐까뻔쩍)
3. Black Bounce (Inst.) (블랙 바운스)
4. Pika-Burnjuck (Inst.) (삐까뻔쩍)

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