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Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016


Like Them [Album] (2003.02.07)
1. Hago Sipeun Mal (하고 싶은 말: Words I Want To Say) 
2. Geudae Doraomyeon (그대 돌아오면; If You Come Back to Me) 
3. Chingorado Doelgeol Geuraesseo (친구라도 될 걸 그랬어; We Should Have Been Friends) 
4. Wanna Be 
5. Naneun (나는; I Am) 
6. Do It.. (feat. Wheesung (휘성), Perry) 
7. Butak (부탁; Request) 
8. Phone Call 
9. Geogi Geudaero (거기 그대로; Stay There) 
10. Eonjerado (언제라도; Anytime) 
11. Oneuldo Onjongil (오늘도 온종일; All Day Long) 
12. Gibeoryeo (feat. Masta Wu (마스터 우)) (가버려; Go Away)

Vol.2 It's Different [Album] (2004.09.09)
1. Gummy Skills (intro)
2. Hago Sipeosseo (하고 싶었어; Wanted to)
3. Nae Gyeote Jami Deun I Bame (내 곁에 잠이 든 이 밤에; Sleeping Beside Me Tonight)
4. Nal Geuman Ijeoyo (날 그만 잊어요; Please Forget Me)
5. Gieoksangsil (기억상실; Memory Loss)
6. Love Again (feat. Ha Dong Kyun (하동균))
7. Tonight (feat. Wheesung (휘성))
8. Dance Dance (feat. Song Baek Kyung (송백경))
9. Geunyeoboda Naega Mwaga (feat. Perry) (그녀보다 내가 뭐가; What Makes Her Better than Me)
10. So Much (feat. Masta Wu (마스터 우))
11. Witches (Doo-Loo-Wap) (feat. Taebin, Lee Eun Joo (태빈,이은주))
12. Round 1 (feat. Lexy, Jinu (렉시,지누))
13. Inyeon (인연; Meant to Be)
14. It Don't Matter No More
15. Singing My Blues (outro)
16. Nal Geuman Ijeoyo (acoustic version) (날 그만 잊어요; Please Forget Me)

Vol.3 For the Bloom [Album] (2005.09.01)
1. Gummitro
2. Holic (feat. Stony Skunk)
3. Sonteumsaero (손틈새로; Hands)
4. Ani (아니; No)
5. Eoreunai (어른아이; Childish Adult)
6. Oneuldo Onjongil (오늘도 온종일; Today We Part Ways)
7. Trap (feat. Soul Star Lee Seung Woo (이승우))
8. Pyeonggyun (평균; Average)
9. Honjaman Haneun Sarang (혼자만 하는 사랑; Unrequited Love)
10. Silsu (실수; Mistake)
11. Secret
12. Os (옷; Clothes)
13. Jeogiganeun Saram (저기가는 사람; The Person Walking Away)
14. Escape (feat. Masta Wu)

Vol.4 Unplugged [Album] (2006.04.28)
1. Geudae Doraomyeon (그대 돌아오면; If You Come Back to Me) 
2. Chingorado Doelgeol Geuraesseo (친구라도 될 걸 그랬어; We Should Have Been Friends) 
3. Honjaman Haneun Sarang (혼자만 하는 사랑; Unrequited Love) 
4. Sonteumsaero (손틈새로; Hands) 
5. Eoreunai (어른아이; Childish Adult) 
6. Nal Geuman Ijeoyo (날 그만 잊어요; Please Forget Me)
7. Ani (아니; No) 
8. Hago Sipeosseo (하고 싶었어; Wanted to) 
9. Gieoksangsil (기억상실; Memory Loss) 
10. Dance Dance 
11. Naneun (나는; I Am) 
12. Butak (부탁; Request) 

Vol.5 Comfort [Album] (2008.03.12)
1. Intro - Work It Now (feat. G-Dragon)
2. Clap Your Hands (feat. Perry)
3. Mianhaeyo (feat. T.O.P) (미안해요; I'm Sorry)
4. Saranghaji Marayo (사랑하지 말아요; Don’t Fall In Love)
5. Geoureul Bodaga (feat. Red Roc) (거울을 보다가; Looking in the Mirror)
6. Let's Get It Party (feat. 45RPM)
7. Majimak Party (마지막 파티; Last Party)
8. Ttakkeum (따끔; Stings)
9. Ibyeori Anigil (이별이 아니길: Hope Itis Not a Good-bye)
10. I'm Gonna Miss U (feat. Ji Eun (지은))
11. Yeogikkajiman (feat. Skull) (여기까지만; That's All From Here Now)
12. Hwongak (환각; Illusion)
13. Eumagi Kkeutnagi Jeon (음악이 끝나기 전; Before the Music Ends)
14. Mianhaeyo (Hard Trance Remix) (미안해요; I'm Sorry)

LOVELESS [Mini Album] (2010.04.29)
1. Geuman Heeojyeo (그만 헤어져; Let's Break Up)
2. Because of You
3. Sarangeun Eoptta (사랑은 없다; There Is No Love)
4. Namjaraseo (남자라서; As A Man)
5. Eotteokhae (어떡해; What Can I Do)
6. Nuguseyo (feat. Bigtone) (누구세요; Who Are You?)

I Loved..... Have no Regrets [Mini Album] (2014.06.10)
1. Nolleogaja (Feat. Park Yoo Chun of JYJ) (놀러가자; Let's Play)
2. Jigeum Haengbokhaseyo (지금 행복하세요; Are You Happy Now)
3. Saranghaesseuni..Dwaesseo (사랑했으니..됐어)
4. Honjainikka (혼자이니까; Because I'm Alone)
5. Saranghaejuseyo (사랑해주세요; Loving You Back)
6. Nuwo (Feat. LOCO) (누워; Lying)

Nowhere to Go [Single] (2014.10.20)
1. 갈 곳이 없어
2. 갈 곳이 없어 (Live)