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Samstag, 12. März 2016

A-JAX (에이젝스)

Is a Korean pop boy group that debuted in 2012 under DSP Media. They were known as DSP Boyz prior to their official debut. They were initially a 7-member group until January 2016, where members Sung Min, Jae Hyung and Ji Hu left the group. In February of the same year, DSP announced that A-JAX was re-organized as a 5-member group with the addition of Jung Hee.

Hyung Gon
Yun Young
Seung Yub
Seung Jin
Jung Hee

Jae Hyung
Sung Min
Hyo Jun

Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) [Digital Single] (2012-05-15)
1. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (너밖에 몰라서)

One 4 U [Single] (2012-06-01)
1. ONE 4 U
2. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (너밖에 몰라서)
3. ONE 4 U (Inst.)
4. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (Inst.) (너밖에 몰라서)

Hot Game [Digital Single] (2012-07-11)
1. Hot Game

2MYX [Mini Album] (2012-11-15)
1. 2MYX
2. Jabeul Temyeon Jababwa (잡을 테면 잡아봐)
3. Your Song (Neoui Nolae) (너의 노래)
4. One 4 U
5. Neobakke Mollaseo (너밖에 몰라서)
6. Hot Game
7. 2MYX (Inst.)

Insane [Mini Album] (2013-07-11)
1. Don't Break My Heart
2. Michyeoga (미쳐가; Crazy)
3. Wajwo (와줘; Please Come)
4. Fantasy
5. Thank Ya

Neunggureongi (Snake) [Single] (2013-10-28)
1. Neunggureongi (Snake) (능구렁이)
2. It Girl
3. Gati Isseulkka (같이 있을까; Stay With Me)
4. Neunggureongi (Snake) (Inst.) (능구렁이)

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