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Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2019

A-JAX (에이젝스)

Is a Korean pop boy group that debuted in 2012 under DSP Media. They were known as DSP Boyz prior to their official debut. They were initially a 7-member group until January 2016, where members Sung Min, Jae Hyung and Ji Hu left the group. In February of the same year, DSP announced that A-JAX was re-organized as a 5-member group with the addition of Jung Hee.

On March 31, 2019, it was announced that the group had disbanded as the members decided to not renew their contracts with DSP Media.

Hyung Gon
Yun Young
Seung Yub
Seung Jin
Jung Hee

Jae Hyung
Sung Min
Hyo Jun

Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) [Digital Single] (2012-05-15)
1. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (너밖에 몰라서)

One 4 U [Single] (2012-06-01)
1. ONE 4 U
2. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (너밖에 몰라서)
3. ONE 4 U (Inst.)
4. Neobakke Mollaseo (Never Let Go) (Inst.) (너밖에 몰라서)

Hot Game [Digital Single] (2012-07-11)
1. Hot Game

2MYX [Mini Album] (2012-11-15)
1. 2MYX
2. Jabeul Temyeon Jababwa (잡을 테면 잡아봐)
3. Your Song (Neoui Nolae) (너의 노래)
4. One 4 U
5. Neobakke Mollaseo (너밖에 몰라서)
6. Hot Game
7. 2MYX (Inst.)

Insane [Mini Album] (2013-07-11)
1. Don't Break My Heart
2. Michyeoga (미쳐가; Crazy)
3. Wajwo (와줘; Please Come)
4. Fantasy
5. Thank Ya

Neunggureongi (Snake) [Single] (2013-10-28)
1. Neunggureongi (Snake) (능구렁이)
2. It Girl
3. Gati Isseulkka (같이 있을까; Stay With Me)
4. Neunggureongi (Snake) (Inst.) (능구렁이)

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