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Montag, 14. März 2016

B2Y (Babyboys To Yearninggirls)

Hanyeon (Leader, Vocals, Rapper)
Jin Woong (Vocals, Rapper)
Seoyeon (Main Vocals)
Nara (Main Vocals)

Babyboys To Yearninggirls [Mini Album] (2009.08.20)
1. Neomanui Cheonsa (너만의 천사; Your Angel)
2. Na. Weon. Cham. (나. 원. 참.; Je.e.z.)
3. My Love (Naesarang Mibsang) (My Love (내사랑 밉상))
4. Neomanui Cheonsa (Instrumental) (너만의 천사)
5. Na. Weon. Cham. (Instrumental) (나. 원. 참.)
6. My Love (Naesarang Mibsang) (Instrumental) (My Love (내사랑 밉상))

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