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Samstag, 19. März 2016



Rome (Rap)
Siwoo (Vocals)
Ray (Vocals)
Kangjun (Vocals)
T.K (Rap)
Maru (Rap)

Not Alone [Mini Album] (2012.07.19)
1. I'm Not Alone
3. Cha Aneseo (차 안에서; In The Car)
4. Uyeoniya (Destiny) (우연이야; Coincidence)
5. SOLO (Inst.)
6. Cha Aneseo (Inst.) (차 안에서)

YOUNG LOVE [Mini Album] (2012.11.15)
1. Meol Eojilkkabwa (멀어질까봐; Because You Might Grow Distant)
2. Good Night
3. Cold
4. Meol Eojilkkabwa (Acoustic Ver.) (멀어질까봐)
5. Meol Eojilkkabwa (Inst.) (멀어질까봐)
6. Good Night (Inst.)
7. Cold (Inst.)

ALi & C-Clown
Geuttaen Geuraetji [Digital Single] (2013.04.02)
1. 그땐 그랬지

Shaking Heart [Mini Album] (2013.04.18)
1. Hell Yeah!!
2. Heundeulligo Isseo (흔들리고 있어; Shaking Heart)
3. Meolli Meolli (멀리 멀리; Far Far)
4. Geuttaen Geuraetji (feat. Ali) (그땐 그랬지; It Was Like That Then)
5. Neomu Yeppeo (너무 예뻐; So Pretty)

Malhaejwo (Tell Me) [Digital Single] (2014.01.06)
1. 말해줘

Amhaengeosa (Justice) [Digital Single] (2014.02.13)
1. Justice

Narangmanna [Mini Album] (2014.07.08)
1. Narangmanna (나랑만나; Meet Me (Let's Love))
2. Babyface
3. Yeah
4. To. Crown
5. My Lady
6. Justice
7. Tell Me (Intro Remix)
8. Go Away (Intro Remix)
9. Destiny (Intro Remix)
10. In the Car (Intro Remix)