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Montag, 10. Dezember 2018

Chocolat (쇼콜라)

Was a Korean pop girl group under Paramount Music, which consists of two Koreans and three half-Korean and half-Caucasian members. Jaeyoon only participated in their debut digital single "Syndrome". In 2013, a new member was added, Lori. She was known for appearing in the music video of "Black Tinkerbell".

Official Fanclub: Chocolatier

Min Soa (Leader, Lead Vocal)
Juliane (Vocal)
Tia (VocalRapper, Main Dancer)
Melanie (VocalRapper)
Lori (Vocal)

Former Member
Jaeyoon (Main Vocal)

Syndrome [Single] (2011-08-17)
1. Syndrome

I Like It [Mini Album] (2011-12-15)
1. I Like It
2. Haruman Deo (하루만 더; One More Day)
3. Sirheo Sirheo (싫어 싫어; Hate Hate)
4. Neomaneul Bogo Neomaneul Geurineun (Only See You, Only Think of You)
5. I Like It (English ver.)

2nd Single Album [Single] (2012-02-09)
1. Get Up
2. Haruman Deo (하루만 더)
3. Get Up (inst.)
4. Haruman Deo (inst.) (하루만 더)

3rd Single Album [Single] (2013-06-06)
1. Black Tinkerbell (블랙팅커벨)
2. All Night Long
3. Black Tinkerbell (Inst.) (블랙팅커벨)
4. All Night Long (Inst.)

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