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Dienstag, 1. Januar 2019 (previously known as J) is a Korean American R&B/Pop singer. She debuted in 1998 as J releassing two albums on the same date, J-Gold and J-Blue. 13 years later, for the release of her seventh album, SuperStar, she changed her stage name to the actual She is currently under Sony Music Korea. In 2001 she joined three members of her family to form J's Family and release the album Haengga.

J-Blue [Album] (1998.11.27)
13 Tracks

IN LOVE [Album] (2000.04.21)
16 Tracks

Dim the Lights [Album] (2002.04.11)
18 Tracks

The Crush of Love [Album] (2004.09.23)
15 Tracks

In Love Again [Album] (2007.11.08)
13 Tracks

SuperStar [Album] (2011.07.01)
10 Tracks

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