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Samstag, 12. März 2016

LED Apple

Kwang Yeon (formerly ZEU) (Bass)
Young Jun (Guitar)
Hyo Seok (Drums)
Kyu Min (Vocal)

Former Members
Han Byul (Vocal)
I-OH (Vocal)
Min Yong (Vocal)
Seung Hyun (Drums)
Jae Hoon (Vocal)
Keon U (Keyboard)

Barama Bureora [Digital Single] (2012-11-16)
1. Barama Bureora (바람아 불어라)
2. Barama Bureora (inst.) (바람아 불어라)

I'll be there for you [Digital Single] (2013-02-07)
1. I'll Be There For You (KOR Ver.)
2. I'll Be There For You (KOR Ver.) (inst.)

Babeun Jettae Meogneunji [Digital Single] (2013-05-27)
1. Babeun Jettae Meogneunji (밥은 제때 먹는지)
2. Babeun Jettae Meogneunji (inst.) (밥은 제때 먹는지)

Bad Boys [Mini Album] (2013-06-17)
1. Intro
2. Bad Boys (feat. Kang Yebin)
3. Babeun Jettae Meogneunji (밥은 제때 먹는지; Are You Eating Well)
4. Baeban (배반; Betrayal)
5. Nan Neol Cheossaranghae (by Kyu Min) (난 널 첫사랑해; You're my First Love)
6. With Coffee (by Zia & Han Byul)

Baramttara [Digital Single] (2013-11-04)
1. Baramttara (바람따라; With The Wind)
2. Baramttara (inst.) (바람따라)

Greatest World [Japan Single] (2013-12-25)
1. Greatest World
2. Ima, Boku no Namae wo Yonde (いま、僕の名前を呼んで; Now, Call My Name)
3. Tooku Tooku (遠く遠く; Far Away, Far Away) (Original: Makihara Noriyuki)
4. Greatest World (Inst.)
5. Ima, Boku no Namae wo Yonde (Inst.) (いま、僕の名前を呼んで)
6. Kaeritakunatta yo (帰りたくなったよ; I Wanted to Go Home) (Original: Ikimonogakari)
7. Kibou no Uta (希望の唄; Song of Hope) (Original: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS)

Duldo Eoptneun Babo [Digital Single] (2014-01-22)
1. Duldo Eoptneun Babo (둘도 없는 바보)
2. Duldo Eoptneun Babo (inst.) (둘도 없는 바보)

Who are you? [Digital Single] (2014-03-20)
1. Who are you?
2. Who are you? (Inst.)