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Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Rumble Fish

Choi Jin Yi (Vocal)

Former/Ex. Member
Kim Sung Gun (Guitar)
Kim Ho Il (Bass)
Park Chun Hwee (Drums)

Vol.1 Swing Attack [Album] (2004.07.09)
1. Naneun Kkumkkuji Anhneunda (Weeping Witch) (너는 꿈꾸지 않는다; You Are Not Dreaming)
2. Yegam Joheun Nal (예감 좋은 날; A Lucky Day)
3. Jolleo (졸려; Sleepy)
4. Baeksu-ui Haru (백수의 하루; A Day of Unemployment)
5. Day Dream
6. Miwo (미워; Hate)
7. Aju Jogeumssik (아주 조금씩; Very Little)
8. T.O.P
9. Seongnyangpali Sonyeo (성냥팔이 소녀; The Little Match Girl)
10. Close Your Eyes
11. Ttaengchili (땡칠이)
12. Keugoseuro (그곳으로; To This Place)
13. Tteona (떠나; Leave)
14. Yegam Joheun Nal (Instrumental) (예감 좋은 날)

Vol.2 Have A Nice Dream [Album] (2005.07.21)
1. Eurachacha (으라차차)
2. Neowa Hamkke (너와 함께; Together With You)
3. Moreuni (모르니)
4. Neoreul Kidaryeo (너를 기다려; Waiting for You)
5. Cheonghon (청혼; Proposal)
6. Kiss Me
7. Naegen Jeonbuyeotneun Keol (내겐 전부였는 걸; All That Was Done To Me)
8. Useobwayo (웃어봐요; See the Smiles)
9. Ije Keuman (이제 그만; Stop Now)
10. Yokshim (욕심(欲心); Greed)
11. To The Moon
12. Naega Saranghalkke (내가 사랑할께; I Will Love)
13. Tolawa (돌아와; Return)
14. Come Down

Vol.3 Open the Safe [Album] (2007.03.28)
1. Fly
2. Bomi Dwi-eo Ggoteun Pigo (봄이 되어 꽃은 피고; Flower Blossom in the Spring)
3. Smile Again
4. Saranghanda (사랑한다; I Love You)
5. Keu Yeoja-ui Haru (그 여자의 하루; That Woman's Day)
6. In The End
7. Two-Time
8. Ilsangdabansa (일상다반사(日常茶飯事); Daily Event)
9. Ibyeol... Mashida (이별... 마시다; Separation... Drink)
10. Keojitmal (거짓말; Lie)
11. Weolhwasumokgeumtto-il (월화수목금토일; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
12. Good Bye
13. Bomi Dwi-eo Ggoteun Pigo (Full Ver.) (봄이 되어 꽃은 피고)

One Sweet Day [Album] (2009.10.15)
1. Intro
2. 너 정말이니
3. Let me love
4. Don't Stop
5. 엘리나
6. Lost in Paradise
7. Sorry
8. One Sweet Day
9. 앙코르 (Unplugged Ver.)
10. 1994년 어느 늦은 밤

Bonus Tracks
11. 내 사랑 내 곁에
12. 한 사람을 위한 마음
13. 앙코르

I'am Rubmel Fish [Mini Album] (2014.01.15)
1. Falling out 
2. 몹쓸 노래 (Feat.칸토) 
3. Call it in 
4. 하지마 
5. 이 밤을 지켜줘요