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Sea (Bada) (Leader, Lead Vocal)
Eugene (Vocal)
Shoo (Vocal)

Vol.3 Love [Album] (1999.10.29)
27 Tracks

Surprise (Special Album) [Album] (2001-07-12)
1. Salangilaneun Ileumui Yonggi (사랑이라는 이름의 용기; In The Name of Love)
2. Unh... Happy Day
3. Kkumeul Moaseo (꿈을 모아서; Just in Love)
4. Like a Shooting Star
5. W/O/U (Without You)
6. A Song For You
7. Little Bird
8. Believe in Love
9. Love Is Day by Day
10. Searchin’ For My Love
11. Sweety Humming
12. Dal Kkeutkkaji (달 끝까지; Beyond The Moon)

Choose My Life-U [Album] (2002-02-15)
1. Just A Feeling (Original Version)
2. You Told Me
3. U
4. Chingu - Dubeonjjae Iyagi (친구 - 두번째 이야기; Friends - The Second Story)
5. Choose My Life
6. Dalligi (달리기; Relay)
7. Nado Nampyeoni Isseosseumyeon Johgessda (나도 남편이 있었으면 좋겠다; I Wish I Had a Husband)
8. Requiem
9. Gido (기도; Prayer)
10. Red Angel
11. Yonggi (용기; Courage)
12. Ijji Moshae (잊지 못해; I Can't Forget)
13. Naegelo (내게로; To Me)
14. Just A Feeling (Remix Version)

FRIEND [Album] (2002-11-21)
1. Intro (Dear My Friend)
2. Pyeonji (편지; The Letter)
3. S.II.S (Soul To Soul)
4. Season In Love
5. Shalala -Remix- (샤랄라)
6. Nuh Reul Sarang Hae -Remix- (너를 사랑해; I Love You)
7. Love Game
8. Happiness
9. Kkumeul Moaseo -Remix- (꿈을 모아서; Just in Love)
10. Choose My Life -Remix-
11. S.II.S (Soul To Soul) -Instrumental-

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