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Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018


On February 26, 2018, it was announced that the group would disband following the contract expiration of the members, who decided to not renew and to part ways with The Entertainment Pascal.

Hyoeun (Main Vocals)
Minhee (Lead Vocals)

Former Member
Gayoung (Leader, Vocals)
Jeonyul (Vocals, Main Rapper, Maknae)

Rocket Girl [Digital Single] (2011-08-23)
1. Rocket Girl (feat. Eric) (로켓걸)
2. Rocket Girl (inst.) (로켓걸)

UFO [Digital Single] (2012-02-08)
1. UFO

Gongbuhaseyo (Study) [Digital Single] (2013-07-12)
1. Gongbuhaseyo (공부하세요)
2. Gongbuhaseyo (Inst.) (공부하세요)

Marionette [Mini Album] (2014-02-12)
1. T.I.E
2. Marionette (마리오네트)
3. Guilty
4. Gajyeo Neo Da (가져 너 다; You Got It) (Hyo Eun & Min Hee)
5. Gongbuhaseyo (공부하세요; Study)
6. Marionette (Inst.) (마리오네트)
7. Gongbuhaseyo (Remix Ver.) (공부하세요)

Mask [Digital Single] (2014-08-21)
1. Mask

Tteollyeoyo (Vibrato) [Digital Single] (2015.07.20)
1. Tteollyeoyo (떨려요; Vibrato)

Jjillyeo (Sting) [Mini Album] (2016.01.18)
1. Do you hear me?
2. Jjillyeo (찔려)
3. Insomnia
4. Love Spell
5. Cinderella (신데렐라)
6. Tteollyeoyo (떨려요; Vibrato)

Stellar in to the world [Mini Album] (2017.06.27)
1. Sephirothui Namu (세피로트의 나무; Sephiroth's Tree)
2. Wae Ttaemune (왜 때문에; Why)
3. The Wave
4. Twinkle
5. Sephirothui Namu (Inst.) (세피로트의 나무)

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