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Montag, 25. März 2019

DIA (다이아)

Their name is short for "Diamond" and is also an anogram for "Do It Amazing"

Label: MBK Entertainment
Official Fanclub: AID

Eunice (Leader, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer)
Huihyeon (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer)
Jenny (Vocal, Visual)
Yebin (Main Vocal)
Chaeyeon (Vocal)
Eunchae (Lead Vocal)
Jueun (Lead Vocal)
Somi (Vocal, Maknae)

Former/Ex Member
Seung Hee (Former Leader, Main Vocal)
Eunjin (Vocal, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer)

Do It Amazing [Album] (2015.09.15)
1. 음악 들을래
2. Lean On Me (Feat. Microdot)
3. 왠지 (Somehow) *Title
4. 내 친구의 남자친구
5. 내 마음에 별 하나
6. 어제처럼
7. 제자리
8. Say Hello
9. 왠지 (Chinese Ver.)
10. 왠지 (Acoustic Ver.)
11. 왠지 (Inst.)

My Friend's Boysfriend [Single] (2015.10.20)
1. 내 친구의 남자친구 (Feat. 주석)
2. 내 친구의 남자친구
3. 내 친구의 남자친구 (Chinese Ver.)

Happy Ending [Mini Album] (2016.06.14)
1. Happy Ending
2. Geu Gireseo (그 길에서; On My Way)
3. Yeonseupsaeng (연습생; Trainee)
4. Neol Gidaryeo (널 기다려; Wait for You) (Ye Bin)
5. Gieokhalgeyo (기억할게요; I'll Remember)
6. Neol Gidaryeo (DIA ver.) (널 기다려)
7. Geu Gireseo (Inst.) (그 길에서)

Spell [Mini Album] (2016.09.13)
1. 7gwa 4bun-ui3 (Neol+Mannareo+Ganeun+Gil) 
(7과 4분의3 (널+만나러+가는+길); 7 and 3/4 (The Way+to+Meet+You))
2. Mr. Potter
3. Kkoc, Baram Geurigo Neo (DIA Ver.) (꽃, 바람 그리고 너; Flower, Wind, and You)
4. Kkoc, Baram Geurigo Neo (꽃, 바람 그리고 너) (Somi, Yoojung, Chungha)
5. #Deoreop (The love) (#더럽; Dirty)
6. Mr. Potter (Inst.)
7. #Deoreop (The love) (Inst.)

BCHCS (BinChaenHyunSeu)
Yebin (Lead Vocal)
First Miracle DIAID Ⅰ [Digital Single] (2016.12.29)
1. Neoneun Dal Jigu (너는 달 지구; You're Moon, Earth)

First Miracle DIAID II [Digital Single] (2016.12.31)
1. 13wol 32il (13월 32일; 13th Month, 32nd Day)

YOLO [Album] (2017.04.19)
1. Narang Sagwillae (나랑 사귈래; Will You Go Out With Me?)
2. Nam.Sa.Chin (Boyfriend) (남.사.친; South and South)
3. Sawol (feat. Din Din) (사월; April)
4. Mannequin (마네킹)
5. Kkoc, Dal, Sul (with Hong Jinyoung and Kim Yon Ja) (꽃, 달, 술; You Are My Flower)
6. Bich (빛; Light)
7. There Is No Time (Huihyeon feat. Chung Ha)
8. I Norae Deuleobollae (이 노래 들어볼래; I'll Listen To This Song)
9. Neoman Moreuna Bom (너만 모르나 봄; I Just Don't Know Spring)
10. Independence Movement Day (乾坤坎離; Heaven and Earth)
11. Narang Sagwillae (2016 Version)
12. Kkoc, Dal, Sul (DIA Only Version)
13. Narang Sagwillae (Ballad Version)
14. Narang Sagwillae (Instrumental)

Love Generation (All Types) [Mini Album] (2017.08.22)
1. Deutgo Sipeo (can't stop) (듣고 싶어; I Want to Hear)
2. Neon Dalla (넌 달라; You're Different)
3. Yeo.Sa.Chin (Urisai) (여.사.친 (우리사이))
4. LO OK
5. Kiss Haejwo (키스해줘)
6. Nimam Daeroya (니맘대로야)
8. Hanipman (한입만)
9. I need healing
10. #GMGN (Good morning & Good night)
11. Paradise (파라다이스)
12. 듣고싶어 (E905) (Inst.)

Present (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2017.10.12)
1. Gusbam (Good Night) (굿밤)
2. Eye Contact
3. Siwole Seoraksan (시월에 설악산; Seoraksan in October)
4. Deutgo Sipeo (can't stop) (듣고 싶어)
5. Gusbam (Good Night) (inst.)

Summer Ade [Mini Album] (2018.08.09)
1. Joa? Joa! (조아? 조아!)
2. Woo Woo (우우)
3. Eoreun (어른; Adult)
4. Pick up the phone
5. Derireo wa (TAKE ME) (데리러 와; Pick Up)
6. Sweet Dream
7. Blue Day
8. Woo Woo (Inst.)

NEWTRO [Mini Album] (2019.03.19)
1. 우와 (WOOWA)
2. 안할래
3. 5분만
4. 손톱달(Crescendo)
5. 우와(Inst.)

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