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Dienstag, 5. April 2016

Jo Kwon (2AM)

Hwantastic Project Vol.2 [Digital Single] (2009.09.29)
1. DeongKkeuSyoos

Jo Kwon Vol. 1 [Album] (2012.06.25)
1. Awesome Girl (feat. Yankie)
2. Animal (Radio Edit) (feat. J-HOPE of Bangtan Boys)
3. I'm Da One (feat. Zion T)
4. Lipstick
5. Who's Loving You Now
6. Wingardium Leviosa
7. Something 'Bout You (feat. Jung Jinwoon of 2AM)
8. Heaven (feat. Miso of GLAM)
9. Just a Kiss
10. Animal (feat. J-Hope of Bangtan Boys)

Crosswalk [Single] (2016.02.15)
1. 횡단보도 (Crosswalk)
2. 괜찮아요
3. flutter

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