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Dienstag, 5. April 2016


Disbanded since 2012

Min Jeong
Ga Jin
Ji Eun
Jin Kyung (no debuted)

Former Member
Min Sun

BLING BLING [Digital Single] (2009.10.12)
1. Banhaesseo (반했어; Falling)

FOURFUME [Digital Single] (2010.08.13)
1. Alkkeo Eopjjana (알거 없잖아; No Need to Know)
2. Tip-Toe

G20 Seonggong Ginyeom Dehanminguk Sarang [Digital Single] (2010.10.27)
1. Ah! Dehanminguk Ver. 1 (아! 대한민국)
2. Ah! Dehanminguk Ver. 2 (아! 대한민국)

PeeKaBoo [Mini Album] (2011.01.14)
1. PeeKaBoo
2. Neo Ttaemune (너 때문에; Because of You)
3. Choosy Boy
4. One By One
5. Nollangeol (놀란걸; Amazed Girl)
6. Alkkeo Eopjjana (알거 없잖아; No Need to Know)
7. Tip-Toe
8. PeeKaBoo (Inst.)

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