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Freitag, 1. April 2016


Kiu (Leader, Main Vocal)
Ato (Vocal, Maknae)
G.LOW (Vocal, Rapper, Main Dancer)
BornUs (Lead Vocal)

Former Member
Loki (Rapper)

Beyond the Ocean [Mini Album] (2014.01.07)
1. I'm Sorry
2. Na Eotteohge (나 어떻게; How Do I)
3. Mwos Moreugo (뭣 모르고; Without Knowing Anything)
4. I'm Sorry (inst.)
5. Na Eotteohge (inst.)
6. Mwos Moreugo (inst.)

12월 24일 [Digital Single] (2015.02.17)
1. 12월 24일

Fish In a Fishbowl [Digital Single] (2015.03.06)
1. 어항 속 물고기

Tie My Hands [Digital Single] (2015.11.26)
1. Tie My Hands

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