Samstag, 2. April 2016


Taehee (Leader, Lead Vocal) 
Yooseung (Main Rapper) 
Haru (Vocal, Visual) 
Red (Vocal, Lead Dancer) 
T.O (Main Vocal) 
Jerry (Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae) 
Lumin (Main Vocal)

Carpe Diem [Single] (2013.08.01)
1. 너랑 친구 못해 (Can’t Be Friend With You)
2. 너랑 친구 못해 (inst.)

New Born [Single] (2013.10.30)
1. Kkattag Kkattag (까딱까딱; I'm Better)
2. On my mind
3. Neolang Chingu Moshae (너랑 친구 못해 ; Can't Be Friends With You)
4. Kkattag Kkattag (Inst.)
5. On my mind (Inst.)
6. Neolang Chingu Moshae (Inst.)

Rumor [Single] (2014.05.15)
1. Geuleon Ae Aniya (그런 애 아니야; She Ain't Like That)
2. Byeoridoeeo...(0324) (별이되어…(0324); Even When I Close My Eyes)
3. Geuleon Ae Aniya (Inst.)
4. Byeoridoeeo...(0324) (Inst.)