Get your Game 4 Low

Samstag, 2. April 2016


Taehee (Leader, Lead Vocal) 
Yooseung (Main Rapper) 
Haru (Vocal, Visual) 
Red (Vocal, Lead Dancer) 
T.O (Main Vocal) 
Jerry (Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae) 
Lumin (Main Vocal)

Carpe Diem [Single] (2013.08.01)
1. 너랑 친구 못해 (Can’t Be Friend With You)
2. 너랑 친구 못해 (inst.)

New Born [Single] (2013.10.30)
1. Kkattag Kkattag (까딱까딱; I'm Better)
2. On my mind
3. Neolang Chingu Moshae (너랑 친구 못해 ; Can't Be Friends With You)
4. Kkattag Kkattag (Inst.)
5. On my mind (Inst.)
6. Neolang Chingu Moshae (Inst.)

Rumor [Single] (2014.05.15)
1. Geuleon Ae Aniya (그런 애 아니야; She Ain't Like That)
2. Byeoridoeeo...(0324) (별이되어…(0324); Even When I Close My Eyes)
3. Geuleon Ae Aniya (Inst.)
4. Byeoridoeeo...(0324) (Inst.)

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