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Sonntag, 27. August 2017


N (Leader, Lead Dancer, Vocal)
Leo (Main Vocal)
Ken (Main Vocal)
Ravi (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer)
Hong Bin (Lead Rapper, Visual, Vocal)
Hyuk (Main Dancer, Vocal, Maknae)

Super Hero [Single] (2012.05.24)
2. Starlight
3. SUPER HERO (Inst.)

Rock Ur Body [Single] (2012.08.14)
2. Apeunde Joha (UUUUU) (아픈데 좋아; Love Hurts)
3. ROCK UR BODY (Inst.)

Dachil Junbiga Dwae Isseo (On & On) [Single] (2013.01.17)
1. Dachil Junbiga Dwae Isseo (On and On) (다칠 준비가 돼 있어; I'm Ready to Get Hurt)
2. Idol Hagi Sirheo (아이돌 하기 싫어; Don't Want to be an Idol)
3. Dachil Junbiga Dwae Isseo (Instrumental)

hyde [Mini Album] (2013.05.20)
1. Eodum Sogeul Balghyeojwo (어둠 속을 밝혀줘; Light Up The Darkness)
2. hyde
3. Geuman Vertigo (feat. Min Ah of Girl's Day) (그만 버티고; You’re Mine)
5. Love Letter
6. hyde (Instrumental)

Jekyll (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2013.07.31)
1. Jekyll
2. Dae.Da.Na.Da.Neo (대.다.나.다.너.; G.R.8.U)
3. Eotteokhaji (어떡하지; What To Do)
4. Eodum Sogeul Balghyeojwo (어둠 속을 밝혀줘; Found me in the dark)
5. hyde
6. Geuman Vertigo (feat. Min Ah of Girl's Day) (그만 버티고)
8. Love Letter
9. Dae.Da.Na.Da.Neo (Instrumental) (대.다.나.다.너.)

Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island with VIXX & OKDAL [Digital Single] (2013.10.11)
1. Yeojaneun Wae (feat. OKDAL) (여자는 왜; Girls, Why?)
2. I'm a Boy, You're a Girl (feat. OKDAL)
3. Yeojaneun Wae (inst.) (여자는 왜)

VOODOO [Album] (2013.11.25)
1. VOODOO (Intro)
2. Jeoju Inhyeong (저주인형; Voodoo Doll)
3. Beautiful Killer
4. Someday
5. Daedabeun Neonikka (Only U) (대답은 너니까; You're the Only Answer)
6. B.O.D.Y
7. Secret Night
8. Say You Say Me
9. Oneulbuteo Nae Yeoja (오늘부터 내 여자; From Now On, You're Mine)
10. Taeeonajwoseo Gomawo (태어나줘서 고마워; Thanks For Being Born)
12. Rock Ur Body
13. Dachil Junbiga Dwae Isseo (On and On) (다칠 준비가 돼 있어; I'm Ready to Get Hurt)
14. hyde
15. Jeoju Inhyeong (Inst.) (저주인형)

ETERNITY [Single] (2014.05.27)
1. Gijeog (ETERNITY) (기적 (ETERNITY); Miracle)
2. Sad Ending
3. Love, LaLaLa
4. Gijeog (ETERNITY) (Inst.)

Darkest Angels [JP Album] (2014.07.02)
1. Kiseki (Eternity) (奇跡 (Eternity); Miracle)
2. De.Da.Na.Da.No (デ・ダ・ナ・ダ・ノ; G.R.8.U)
3. HYDE (ハイド)
4. Noroi no Ningyou (呪いの人形; Voodoo Doll)
5. Kizutsuku Junbi ga Dekiteru (On and On) (傷つく準備ができてる; I'm Ready to Get Hurt)
6. Kotae wa Kimi Dakara (Only U) (答えはキミだから; You're the Only Answer)
7. Rock Ur Body
9. Jekyll (ジキル)
10. Kurayami wo Terase (暗闇を照らせ; Light Up The Darkness)
11. Mou Taenaide (feat. Min Ah of Girl's Day) (もう耐えないで; Stop Resisting)
12. Love Letter
13. Idol Yaritakunai (アイドルやりたくない; I Don’t Want To Be An Idol)
14. Itai no ni Sukidayo (UUUUU) (痛いのに好きだよ; Love Hurts)
15. Someday
16. Futari no Ai ga Umareta Hi (ふたりの愛が生まれた日; Thank You For My Love)

Error [Mini Album] (2014.10.14)
1. Intro (Gaje) (가제; Gauze)
2. Error
3. After Dark
4. Cheongchuni Apa (청춘이 아파; Almost Hurts)
5. Time Machine
6. What U Waiting For
7. Error (Instrumental)

Error [JP Single] (2014.12.10)
1. Error -Japanese ver.-
2. Seishun Datte (青春だって; Almost Hurts)
3. Error (Instrumental)
4. Seishun Datte (Instrumental) (青春だって)

Boys' Record [Single] (2015.02.24)
Ibyeol Gongsik (이별공식; Love Equation) (Original: Re.f)
Chagaun Bame (차가운 밤에; On a Cold Night)

Destiny Love [CHN Single] (2015.03.18)
1. 命中注定 (Destiny Love)

Beautiful liar [Mini Album] (2015.08.17)
1. Beautiful liar
2. Remember
3. Halmal (할말; Words to Say)
4. Ghost
5. My Light

Can't say [JP Single] (2015.09.09)
1. Can't say
2. Mukae ni Ikou (迎えに行こう)

Chained up [Album] (2015.11.10)
1. Mistress (Intro)
2. Saseul (Chained up) (사슬; Chain)
4. Stop it girl
5. Hot enough
6. Spider
7. Busisi (부시시; Out of Sorts)
8. Heaven
9. Jigeum Urin (지금 우린; Us Now)
10. Gijeog (Eternity) (기적; Miracle)
11. Error
12. Can't say

Depend on me [JP Album] (2016.01.27)
1. Depend on me
3. Goodbye your love
4. Chained up -Japanese ver.-
5. Error -Japanese ver.-
6. Love Letter -Japanese ver.-
7. Can't say
8. Spider (KOR)
9. Hot Enough (KOR)
10. Stop it girl (KOR)
11. Heaven (KOR)
12. With Me by Ravi

Zelos [Mini Album] (2016.04.20)
1. Dynamite (다이너마이트)
2. Neup (Six Feet Under) (늪; Swamp)
3. Sonui Ibyeol (손의 이별; Farewell Hands)
4. Dynamite (Inst.)

Hana Kaze [JP Mini Album] (2016.06.29)
1. 花風
2. Moonlight
3. 花風 (Inst.)
4. Moonlight (Inst.)

Hades [Single] (2016.08.12)
1. Fantasy
2. Love Me Do
3. Nabi Hyogwa (나비 효과; Butterfly Effect)
4. Fantasy (Inst.)

Kratos [Mini Album] (2016.10.31)
1. The Closer
2. Desperate
3. Shooting Star
4. Good Night & Good Morning
5. Romance-neun Kkeutnatda (로맨스는 끝났다; Romance Is Over)
6. The Closer (Inst.)

VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION KER Special Package [Special Album] (2016.11.21)
1. Milky Way
2. Dynamite (다이너마이트)
3. Neup (Six Feet Under) (늪; Swamp)
4. Sonui Ibyeol (손의 이별; Farewell Hands)
5. Fantasy
6. Love Me Do
7. Nabi Hyogwa (나비 효과; Butterfly Effect)
8. The Closer
9. Desperate
10. Shooting Star
11. Good Night & Good Morning
12. Romance-neun Kkeutnatda (로맨스는 끝났다; Romance Is Over)

R.EAL1ZE [Mini Album] (2017.01.09)
1. Bomb (feat. San E)
2. Rose (feat. Ken of VIXX)
3. Ladi Dadi (feat. Microdot & JERO)
4. Na Hollo Jibe (feat. Jung Yonghwa) (나홀로 집에; Home Alone)
5. A Molla Ildan Do The Dance (아 몰라 일단; Ah, I don’t know for now)
6. Lean On Me
7. Nwibiuseue Ddi (feat. ESBEE) (뇌비우스의 띠; Möbius Strip)

Dowongyeong (도원경(桃源境); Shangri-La) [Mini Album] (2017.05.15)
1. Dowongyeong (도원경(桃源境))
3. Black Out
4. Daga One (다가오네; Come On)
5. Uri Ege (우리에게; To Us)
6. Dowongyeong (Inst.)