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Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Orange Caramel

Raina (Leader, Main Vocal)
Nana (Vocal, Visual, Main Rapper)
Lizzy (Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper)

The First Mini Album [Mini Album] (2010.06.17)
1. Mabeop Sonyeo (마법소녀(魔法少女); Magic Girl)
2. Sarangeul Mirul Sun Eomnayo (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요; Love Does Not Wait) (Raina Solo)
3. Mabeop Sonyeo (inst) (마법소녀(魔法少女))
4. Sarangeul Mirul Sun Eomnayo (inst) (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요)

The Second Mini Album [Mini Album] (2010.11.18)
1. Aing♡ (아잉♡)
2. One love
3. Ajig... (아직…; Yet...) (Raina solo)
4. Igose Seoseo (이곳에 서서; Standing Here)
5. Aing♡ (Inst.) (아잉♡)

Bangkok City [Digital Single] (2011.03.31)
1. Bangkok City

Shanghai Romance [Single] (2011.10.12)
1. Shanghai Romance (샹하이 로맨스(上海之戀))
2. Nuneul Gama (눈을 감아; Close Your Eyes) (Nana)
3. The Day You Went Away (第一次爱的人)

Cho Young Soo All Star [Digital Single] (2011.12.16)
1. Funny Hunny
2. Funny Hunny (Inst.)

Yasashii Akuma (My Sweet Devil) [JP Single] (2012.05.09)
1. Yasashii Akuma (やさしい悪魔)
2. Mahou Shoujo [Japan Ver.] (魔法少女; Magic Girl)

Lipstick [Album] (2012.09.12)
1. Bubble Bath
2. Milkshake (밀크쉐이크)
3. Lipstick (립스틱)
4. Aing♡ (아잉♡)
5. Mabeop Sonyeo (마법소녀; Magic Girl)
6. Ajig... (아직…; Not Yet...) (Raina Solo)
7. Superwoman (Raina Feat. Choi Seung Cheol)
8. One Love
9. Shanghai Romance (샹하이 로맨스(上海之戀))
10. Claraui Kkum (클라라의 꿈; Clara's Dream) (Lizzy Solo)
11. Nuneul Gama (눈을 감아; Close Your Eyes) (Nana Solo)
12. Sarangeul Mirul Sun Eomnayo (사랑을 미룰 순 없나요; Love Does Not Wait) (Raina Solo)
13. Bangkok City (2012 New Recording) (방콕시티)

Lipstick / Lum no Love Song (Lum's Love Song) [JP Single] (2012.12.12)
1. LIPSTICK [Japan Ver.]
2. Lum no Love Song (ラムのラブソング)
3. Milkshake [Japan Ver.] (ミルクシェイク)

ORANGE CARAMEL [JP Album] (2013.03.13)
1. Aing♡ [Japan Ver.] (アイン♡)
2. Mahou Shoujo [Japan Ver.] (魔法少女; Magical Girl)
3. Cookie Cream & Mint (クッキークリーム&ミント)
4. BANGKOK CITY [Japan Ver.]
5. LIPSTICK [Japan Ver.]
6. Tenshi no Wink (天使のウィンク; The Angel's Wink) (Matsuda Seiko cover)
7. Lum no Love Song (ラムのラブソング; Lum's Love Song) (Matsutani Yuuko cover)
8. Yasashii Akuma (やさしい悪魔; My Sweet Devil) (Candies cover)
9. Shanghai Romance [Japan Ver.] (上海ロマンス)
10. Akai Kutsu (赤いくつ; Red Shoes)
11. Nemureru Mori / Nana (眠れる森; Sleeping Forest)
12. Suppai Budou / Lizzy (すっぱい葡萄; Sour Grapes)
13. Ryuusei to Pierce / Raina (流星とピアス; Meteor and Piercing)

Orange Caramel & 10cm
Re;Code Episode IV [Digital Single] (2013.05.10)
1. Anajwoyo (Hug Song) (안아줘요; Snuggle)
2. Anajwoyo (Hug Song) (inst.) (안아줘요)

Catallena [Single] (2014.03.12)
1. Catallena (까탈레나)
2. So Sorry
3. Michin Deusi Ureosseo (미친 듯이 울었어; Crying Uncontrollably)

Abing Abing [Digital Single] (2014.05.20)
1. Abing Abing

Nacheoreom Haebwayo (My Copycat) [Single] (2014.08.18)
1. Nacheoreom Haebwayo (나처럼 해봐요; My Copycat)
2. Gangnamgeori (강남거리; The Gangnam Avenue)

Oh Jong Hyuk (OJ)

Vol.2 CRY [Album] (2009.04.28)
10 Tracks on it ~

Sangsim: Heartbreak [Mini Album] (2009.09.11)
1.  사랑한다면서
2. 그리워도그리워도
3. 어느덧 일주일
4. 바보처럼
5. 사랑한다면서 (MR)
6. 그리워도 (MR)

OJ [Single] (2010.09.17)
1. 가슴이 뛰잖아 (Heart Skips a Beat)
3. 가슴이 뛰잖아 (Inst.)
4. I QUIT (Inst.)

Freitag, 6. Mai 2016


Si Hwan
Seung Hun

Bebop [Digital Single] (2012.09.19)
1. Bebop
2. Bebop (Inst.)

HEAD BANGING [Digital Single] (2013.03.25)
1. Head Banging
2. Head Banging (Inst.)

Rain (Singer)

N001 (Bad Guy) [Album] (2002.04.28)
1. Rain (雨)
2. Handshake (악수)
3. Bad Guy (나쁜 남자)
4. Me (나)
5. I'm Not Used (익숙치 않아서)
6. Baby Baby
7. Instead of Saying Goodbye (안녕이란 말 대신)
8. Like You feat. Bada (너처럼)
9. I'm Not Enough (나론 안되니)
10. Why (왜)
11. What's Love feat. Danny, Lexy, Byul (별) and JYP

IT'S RAINING [Album] (2004.10.08)
1. What I Want to Say (하고 싶었던 말) 
2. It's Raining 
3. I Do 
4. Familiar Face 
5. 11 days 
6. Quiz 
7. MY Groove (feat. Epik High) 
8. I (난) 
9. Biggest Thing 
10. Wanna Talk 
11. But I Love You 
12. Looking For (찾아요) 
13. No No No 
14. To You 
15. I Love You

Eternal Rain [JP Album] (2006.09.13)
1. Free Way 
2. Oh yeah! feat. AI 
3. Sad Tango 
4. Move On 
5. Baby baby 
6. feel so right 
7. Boku Ga Atsuku Nari Sugite (僕が熱くなりすぎて) 
8. Without you 
9. Because of you 
10. Props in my life 
11. Sad Tango Eng. ver. 
12. Free Way ~STY Gin n' Tonic Remix~ 

Rain's World [Album] (2006.10.13)
1. Rain's World
2. I'm Coming (feat. Tablo)
3. With U
4. In My Bed (내가 누웠던 침대)
5. Not A Single Day (하루도)
6. Cassiopeia (feat. Lim Jeong Hee) (카시오페아 (feat. 임정희))
7. Him & Me (feat. Dynamic Duo)
8. Don't Stop
9. Touch Ya (feat. Taewan aka C-LUV (태완))
10. Move On
11. Oh Yeah (feat. AI)
12. Friends (feat. Tiger JK)
13. To My Friends
14. I (B-Garage Remix) (나)

Vol. 5 – Rainism (Asian Special Version) [Album] (2008.12.29)
1. My Way (Intro) 
2. Rainism 
3. Only You 
4. Love Story [0912......After] 
5. Love Is 
6. My Girl 
7. You 
8. Fresh Woman 
9. Better Girl(feat. Tae Wan a.k.a C-Luv) 
10. Turn Your Head 
11. September 12th 
12. My Way 
13. Rainism Remix 
14. Rainism (Chinese Version) 
15. Love Story [0912......After] (Chinese Version) 
16. Rainism (English Version) 
17. Love Story [0912......After] (English Version) 

BACK TO THE BASIC [Mini Album] (2010.04.07)
1. Neor Butjabeur Norae (널 붙잡을 노래)
2. Hip Song
3. One
4. Same (똑같아; Ttokgata)
5. Love Song (English Version)

Rain Effect [Album] (2014.01.02)
1. Rain Effect
2. 30 SEXY
4. Eodi Gayo. Oppa (feat. Hyun A) (어디 가요. 오빠; Where Are You Going. Oppa)
5. Marilyn Monroe (마릴린 먼로)
6. Chae Tabwa (차에 타봐; Ride The Car)
8. Arabeoryeosseo (알아버렸어; Found Out)
10. 30 SEXY (East4a deeptech mix)

Rain Effect [Special Edition] (Repackage) [Album] (2014.02.07)
1. Saranghae (사랑해; I Love You)
(Most of the Songs you find on the Album before)

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

Secret (Group)

Hyo Sung (Leader, Lead Vocal, Main Dancer)
Ha Na (Main Rapper, Vocal, Lead Dancer)
Ji Eun (Main Vocal)
Sun Hwa (Vocal, Visual)

I WANT YOU BACK [Digital Single] (2009.10.13)
1. 3 Nyeon 6 Gaewol (3년 6개월; 3 Years 6 Months)

Ji Eun
Eojen (Yesterday) [Single] (2009.12.15)
1. Eojen (Duet Hwanhee) (어젠)
2. Eojen (Solo) (어젠)
3. Eojen (MR) (어젠)

Secret Time [Mini Album] (2010.04.01)
1. My Boy
2. Magic
3. Spot Light
4. Araseo Jalhaeyo (알아서 잘해요; Do As You Please)
5. I Want You Back (Acoustic Version)
6. 3 Nyeon 6 Gaewol (Acoustic Version) (3년 6개월; 3 Years 6 Months)

Madonna [Mini Album] (2010.08.12)
1. Madonna
2. Lal Lal La (랄랄라)
3. Jalhae Deo! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight) (잘해 더! (Feat. 백찬 of 8eight); Do Better!)
4. Juldeunmalteut (줄듯말듯; Hesitant)
5. Jaribium (자리비움; Empty Space)

Shy Boy [Single] (2011.01.06)
1. Shy Boy
2. No. 1
3. Shy Boy (Inst.)
4. No. 1 (Inst.)

Ji Eun
Michingeoni (Going Crazy) [Digital Single] (2011.03.03)
1. Michingeoni (feat. Bang Yong Guk) (미친거니)

Byeolbit Dalbit (Starlight, Moonlight) [Single] (2011.06.01)
1. Oh! Honey (오! 허니)
2. Byeolbit Dalbit (별빛달빛)
3. Melo Yeonghwa (멜로영화; Melo-Movie)

Madonna [JP Single] (2011.08.03)
1. Madonna
2. My Boy -New Arrange ver.-
3. Madonna (inst.)
4. My Boy -New Arrange ver.- (inst.)
5. Madonna -Original Korean ver.-

Shy Boy [JP Mini Album] (2011.11.16)
1. Shy Boy
2. CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Starlight Moonlight)
3. Together
4. Warawanaide (笑わないで; Don't Laugh)
5. Movie Star
6. La La La

Moving in Secret [Album] (2011.10.18)
1. Sarangeun MOVE (사랑은 MOVE; Love is MOVE)
2. Sexyhage (섹시하게; Sexy)
3. Eutji Jom Ma (웃지 좀 마; Don't Laugh)
4. Movie Star
5. Amazinger (Zinger solo)
6. Together
7. Balae (바래; I Hope)
8. Bastard
9. Neverland
10. Sarangeun MOVE (Inst.) (사랑은 MOVE)

Kore Kurai no Sayonara (So Much For Goodbye) [JP Single] (2012.02.29)
1. Kore Kurai no Sayonara (これくらいのサヨナラ)
2. Koi wa Long Run (恋はロング・ラン; Love is a Long Run)

Twinkle Twinkle [JP Single] (2012.06.13)
1. Twinkle Twinkle
2. First Kiss
3. Twinkle Twinkle (Rock Lee ver.) (ロック・リーver.)

WELCOME to SECRET TIME [JP Album] (2012.08.22)
1. Intro ~WELCOME to SECRET TIME~ (Zinger & Hyo Sung)
2. Ai wa Move (愛はムーブ; Love Is Move)
3. Madonna (album ver.)
4. Shy Boy
5. Starlight Moonlight
6. Manatsu no Mermaid (真夏のマーメイド; Mid-Summer Mermaid)
7. I miss you
8. Kore Kurai no Sayonara (これくらいのサヨナラ; So Much for Goodbye)
9. Warawanaide (Nu Groove ver.) (笑わないで; Don't Laugh)
10. Twinkle Twinkle
12. Walking

Poison [Mini Album] (2012.09.13)
1. Telepathy
2. Poison
3. Falling in Love
4. Calling U
5. 1, 2, 3

Talk That [Digital Single] (2012.12.04)
1. Talk That

Letter from Secret [Mini Album] (2013.04.30)
1. YooHoo
2. Gidari Ajeossi (키다리 아저씨; Daddy Long Legs)
3. Only U
4. B.O.Y (Because of You)

Ji Eun
Huimanggomun (Torturous Hope) [Single] (2013.09.30)
1. Vintage (Feat. ZELO of B.A.P)
2. Huimanggomun (희망고문)

Gift From Secret [Single] (2013.12.09)
1. Sareureuk (사르륵; Drip)
2. I Do I Do
3. Remember me

Hyo Sung
TOP SECRET [Single] (2014.05.12)
1. Yeojareur Molla (Feat. J’Kyun) (여자를 몰라; You Don’t Know Women)
2. Good-night Kiss
3. Bami Silheoyo (밤이 싫어요; I Hate The Night)

YooHoo [JP Single] (2014.07.23)
1. YooHoo
2. Only U

SECRET SUMMER [Mini Album] (2014.08.11)
1. Feel The Secret (INTRO)
2. I'm In Love
3. Look At Me
4. U R Fired
5. Jalhal Tende (잘할 텐데)
6. I'm In Love (Inst.)

Hyo Sung
FANTASIA [Mini Album] (2015.05.07)
1. Nal Boreowayo (날 보러와요; Come See Me)
2. Banhae (반해; Into You)
3. Taxi Driver
4. Kkumieotni (꿈이었니; Been Your Dream)
5. 5 Bunman Deo (5분만 더; 5 More Minutes)

Hyo Sung
Muldeulda: Colored [Mini Album] (2016.03.28)
1. Follow Me
2. Nareul Chajajwo (Feat. D.Action) (나를 찾아줘; Please Find Me)
3. Ttag Geollyeosseo (딱 걸렸어; Busted)
4. So Good
5. Dear Moon
6. Hello