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Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016

Secret (Group)

Hyo Sung (Leader, Lead Vocal, Main Dancer)
Ha Na (Main Rapper, Vocal, Lead Dancer)
Ji Eun (Main Vocal)
Sun Hwa (Vocal, Visual)

I WANT YOU BACK [Digital Single] (2009.10.13)
1. 3 Nyeon 6 Gaewol (3년 6개월; 3 Years 6 Months)

Ji Eun
Eojen (Yesterday) [Single] (2009.12.15)
1. Eojen (Duet Hwanhee) (어젠)
2. Eojen (Solo) (어젠)
3. Eojen (MR) (어젠)

Secret Time [Mini Album] (2010.04.01)
1. My Boy
2. Magic
3. Spot Light
4. Araseo Jalhaeyo (알아서 잘해요; Do As You Please)
5. I Want You Back (Acoustic Version)
6. 3 Nyeon 6 Gaewol (Acoustic Version) (3년 6개월; 3 Years 6 Months)

Madonna [Mini Album] (2010.08.12)
1. Madonna
2. Lal Lal La (랄랄라)
3. Jalhae Deo! (feat. Baek Chan of 8eight) (잘해 더! (Feat. 백찬 of 8eight); Do Better!)
4. Juldeunmalteut (줄듯말듯; Hesitant)
5. Jaribium (자리비움; Empty Space)

Shy Boy [Single] (2011.01.06)
1. Shy Boy
2. No. 1
3. Shy Boy (Inst.)
4. No. 1 (Inst.)

Ji Eun
Michingeoni (Going Crazy) [Digital Single] (2011.03.03)
1. Michingeoni (feat. Bang Yong Guk) (미친거니)

Byeolbit Dalbit (Starlight, Moonlight) [Single] (2011.06.01)
1. Oh! Honey (오! 허니)
2. Byeolbit Dalbit (별빛달빛)
3. Melo Yeonghwa (멜로영화; Melo-Movie)

Madonna [JP Single] (2011.08.03)
1. Madonna
2. My Boy -New Arrange ver.-
3. Madonna (inst.)
4. My Boy -New Arrange ver.- (inst.)
5. Madonna -Original Korean ver.-

Shy Boy [JP Mini Album] (2011.11.16)
1. Shy Boy
2. CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Starlight Moonlight)
3. Together
4. Warawanaide (笑わないで; Don't Laugh)
5. Movie Star
6. La La La

Moving in Secret [Album] (2011.10.18)
1. Sarangeun MOVE (사랑은 MOVE; Love is MOVE)
2. Sexyhage (섹시하게; Sexy)
3. Eutji Jom Ma (웃지 좀 마; Don't Laugh)
4. Movie Star
5. Amazinger (Zinger solo)
6. Together
7. Balae (바래; I Hope)
8. Bastard
9. Neverland
10. Sarangeun MOVE (Inst.) (사랑은 MOVE)

Kore Kurai no Sayonara (So Much For Goodbye) [JP Single] (2012.02.29)
1. Kore Kurai no Sayonara (これくらいのサヨナラ)
2. Koi wa Long Run (恋はロング・ラン; Love is a Long Run)

Twinkle Twinkle [JP Single] (2012.06.13)
1. Twinkle Twinkle
2. First Kiss
3. Twinkle Twinkle (Rock Lee ver.) (ロック・リーver.)

WELCOME to SECRET TIME [JP Album] (2012.08.22)
1. Intro ~WELCOME to SECRET TIME~ (Zinger & Hyo Sung)
2. Ai wa Move (愛はムーブ; Love Is Move)
3. Madonna (album ver.)
4. Shy Boy
5. Starlight Moonlight
6. Manatsu no Mermaid (真夏のマーメイド; Mid-Summer Mermaid)
7. I miss you
8. Kore Kurai no Sayonara (これくらいのサヨナラ; So Much for Goodbye)
9. Warawanaide (Nu Groove ver.) (笑わないで; Don't Laugh)
10. Twinkle Twinkle
12. Walking

Poison [Mini Album] (2012.09.13)
1. Telepathy
2. Poison
3. Falling in Love
4. Calling U
5. 1, 2, 3

Talk That [Digital Single] (2012.12.04)
1. Talk That

Letter from Secret [Mini Album] (2013.04.30)
1. YooHoo
2. Gidari Ajeossi (키다리 아저씨; Daddy Long Legs)
3. Only U
4. B.O.Y (Because of You)

Ji Eun
Huimanggomun (Torturous Hope) [Single] (2013.09.30)
1. Vintage (Feat. ZELO of B.A.P)
2. Huimanggomun (희망고문)

Gift From Secret [Single] (2013.12.09)
1. Sareureuk (사르륵; Drip)
2. I Do I Do
3. Remember me

Hyo Sung
TOP SECRET [Single] (2014.05.12)
1. Yeojareur Molla (Feat. J’Kyun) (여자를 몰라; You Don’t Know Women)
2. Good-night Kiss
3. Bami Silheoyo (밤이 싫어요; I Hate The Night)

YooHoo [JP Single] (2014.07.23)
1. YooHoo
2. Only U

SECRET SUMMER [Mini Album] (2014.08.11)
1. Feel The Secret (INTRO)
2. I'm In Love
3. Look At Me
4. U R Fired
5. Jalhal Tende (잘할 텐데)
6. I'm In Love (Inst.)

Hyo Sung
FANTASIA [Mini Album] (2015.05.07)
1. Nal Boreowayo (날 보러와요; Come See Me)
2. Banhae (반해; Into You)
3. Taxi Driver
4. Kkumieotni (꿈이었니; Been Your Dream)
5. 5 Bunman Deo (5분만 더; 5 More Minutes)

Hyo Sung
Muldeulda: Colored [Mini Album] (2016.03.28)
1. Follow Me
2. Nareul Chajajwo (Feat. D.Action) (나를 찾아줘; Please Find Me)
3. Ttag Geollyeosseo (딱 걸렸어; Busted)
4. So Good
5. Dear Moon
6. Hello