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Montag, 24. September 2018


Label: B2M Entertainment

It was announced on February 5, 2017 that they had disbanded.

Kim Bo Ah (Leader, Main Vocal, Rapper)
Yang Ji Won (Vocal, Visual)
Park Joo Hyun (Main Rapper, Vocal, Visual)
Park Na Rae (Lead Vocal)
Kim Bo Hyung (Main Vocal, Maknae)

Dokhage (Intense) [Digital Single] (2012.01.10)
1. Dokhage (독하게)
2. Dokhage (inst.) (독하게)

Russian Roulette [Mini Album] (2012.02.08)
1. Hwa (화 (火); Fire)
2. Up N Down
3. Russian Roulette
4. No More
5. Ilgijang (일기장; Diary)
6. Dokhage (독하게; Intensely)

Painkiller (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2012.03.29)
1. Painkiller
2. Hwa (화 (火); Fire)
3. Up N Down
4. Russian Roulette
5. No More
6. Ilgijang (일기장; Diary)
7. Dokhage (독하게; Intense)
8. Painkiller (inst.)

I'll Be There [Digital Single] (2012.09.19)
1. I'll Be There

Lonely [Mini Album] (2012.11.21)
1. Lonely
2. With You
3. Geunal Bam (그날 밤; That Night)
4. Since You're Out of My Life
5. Lonely (Inst.)

Tonight [Digital Single] (2013.08.28)
1. Tonight
2. Tonight (Inst.)

You Don't Love Me [Digital Single] (2014.01.24)
1. You Don't Love Me
2. You Don't Love Me (Inst.)

I Did It [USA Digital Single] (2014.08.07)
1. I Did It

GHOST [Digital Single] (2014.11.05)
2. GHOST (Inst.)

Park Na Rae
Sweden Laundry OST Part 4 [Digital Single] (2015.01.09)
1. 얼마나 더
2. 얼마나 더 (Inst.)

Secret Time [Digital Single] (2016.08.25)
1. Secret Time
2. One Way
3. Secret Time (Inst.)

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