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Donnerstag, 12. April 2018

Wonder Girls

Yoo Bin (Main Rapper, Visual, Drummer)
Ye Eun (Leader, Main Vocals, Keyboardist)
Sun Mi (Sub Vocals, Bassist)
Hae Lim (Maknae, Sub Vocals, Sub Rapper, Guitarist)

Former Member
Hyun A (Rapper, Sub Vocals)
So Hee (Vocals, Main Dancer, Visual)
Sun Ye (Leader, Main Vocals, Lead Dancer)

The Wonder Begins [Single] (2007.02.13)
1. Irony
2. Bad boy
3. Mianhan Maeum (미안한 마음; A Sorry Heart)
4. Irony (Tae Kwon - daybreak Remix)

The Wonder Years [Album] (2007.09.13)
1. I Wanna
2. Ebabo (이 바보; Fool)
3. Tell Me
4. Friend
5. Headache
6. Mwo Eottae (feat. David Kim) (뭐 어때; So What)
7. Wishing On A Star
8. Move (feat. Lee Min Woo)
9. Gajyeoga (가져가; Take It)
10. Good Bye
11. Bad boy
12. Mianhan Maeum (미안한 마음; A Sorry Heart)
13. Irony

Joyo Joyo [Digital Single] (2007.11.26)
1. Joyo Joyo

Army Song [Digital Single] (2008.02.21)
1. Army Song

So Hot [Single] (2008.06.03)
1. So Hot
2. This Time
3. You're Out
4. Tell Me (Rap Version)

The Wonder Years - Trilogy [Mini Album] (2008.09.30)
1. Intro
2. Nobody
3. I Tried
4. Saying I Love You
5. Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
6. Nobody (Inst.)
7. I Tried (Inst.)
8. Saying I Love You (Inst.)
9. Nobody (Rainstone Remix) (Inst.)

Food Song [Digital Single] (2008.10.14)
1. Food Song

Anybody [Digital Single] (2008.11.18)
1. Anybody

Nobody (Eng ver.) [Digital Single] (2009.06.29)
1. Nobody (Eng. Ver.)

2 Different Tears [Single] (2010.05.16)
1. 2 Different Tears
2. So Hot
3. Tell Me
4. Nobody
5. 2 Different Tears Remix
6. Nobody Rainstone Remix
7. Nobody Jason Revins Remix
8. 2 Different Tears (Korean)
9. 2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10. 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11. 2 Different Tears (Instrumental)

Wonder Girls (Taiwan Special Edition) [Album] (2011.03.15)
1. Irony
2. I Wanna
3. Bao Qian Di Zin (抱歉的心; A Sorry Heart)
4. De Sha Gua (這傻瓜; Fool)
5. Tell Me
6. Headache
7. Na Zou Bal (拿走吧; Take It)
8. Good Bye
9. So Hot
10. This Time
11. Nobody
12. I Tried
13. Saying I Love You
14. Tell Me (Chinese ver.)
15. So Hot (Chinese ver.)
16. Nobody (Chinese ver.)

Wonder World [Album] (2011.11.07)
1. G.N.O.
2. Be My Baby
3. Girls Girls
4. Me, in
5. Sweet Dreams
6. Stop!
7. Dear. Boy
8. Dugodugo (두고두고; Long Time) (Sun Ye and Ye Eun Duet)
9. SuperB (Yoo Bin and So Hee Duet)
10. Act Cool (feat. San E) (Hae Lim Solo)
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12. Nu Shoes
13. Be My Baby (English Version)

The DJ Is Mine [US Single] (2012.01.12)
1. The DJ Is Mine
2. The DJ Is Mine (feat. School Gyrls)
3. The DJ Is Mine (Instrumental)

Wonder Party [Mini Album] (2012.06.03)
1. R.E.A.L
2. Like this
3. Hey Boy
4. Girlfriend
5. Sorry
6. The DJ Is Mine

Like Money [US Single] (2012.07.09)
1. Like Money (feat. Akon)

Nobody for Everybody [JP Mini Album] (2012.07.25)
1. Nobody ~Anata Shika Mienai~ (Japanese ver.) (Nobody ~あなたしか見えない~ (Japanese ver.)
2. Nobody (2012 Korean ver.)
3. Nobody (2012 English ver.)
4. Be My Baby
5. Saying I Love You (2012 ver.)
6. You're Out (2012 ver.)

Wonder Best Korea / U.S.A / Japan 2007-2012 [JP Album] (2012.11.14)
Disc 1
1. Irony (2012 ver.)
2. Tell Me (2012 Korean ver.)
3. So Hot (2012 Korean ver.)
4. Nobody (2012 Korean ver.)
5. 2 Different Tears (Korean ver.)
6. G.N.O.
7. Be My Baby (Korean ver.)
8. Girls Girls
9. Me, in
10. R.E.A.L
11. Like this
12. Saying I Love You (2012 ver.)

Disc 2 
1. Wonder Love (Japanese ver.)
2. Be My Baby (Japanese ver.)
3. Nobody ~Anata Shika Mienai~ (Japanese ver.) (あなたしか見えない; Nobody ~Only Have Eyes For You~)
4. Tell Me (2012 English ver.)
5. So Hot (2012 English ver.)
6. Nobody (2012 English ver.)
7. 2 Different Tears (English ver.)
8. Nu Shoes
9. The DJ Is Mine
10. Like Money (feat. Akon)
11. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix) (Bonus Track)
12. 2 Different Tears (Remix ver.) 

24 Sigani Mojara (24시간이 모자라; 24 Hours Aren't Enough) [Digital Single] (2013.08.26)
1. 24 Sigani Mojara (24시간이 모자라; 24 Hours Aren't Enough)

Full Moon [Mini Album] (2014.02.17)
1. 보름달 (feat. Lena)
2. 24시간이 모자라
3. burn
4. 내가 누구 (feat. 유빈 of Wonder Girls)
5. 멈춰버린 시간 (feat. Jackson of GOT7)
6. 그게 너라면

Me? [Mini Album] (2014.07.31)
1. Iron Girl (feat. Hye Rim of Wonder Girls)
2. Truth
3. Ain't Nobody
4. Bond (feat. Beenzino)
5. Wherever Together
6. Peter Pan
7. Daun (Nothing Lasts Forever) (다운)

REBOOT [Album] (2015.08.03)
1. Baby Don't Play
2. Candle (Feat. PALOALTO)
3. I Feel You
4. Rewind
5. Loved
6. John Doe
7. One Black Night
8. Back
9. OPPA (오빠)
10. Sarangi Tteonaryeo Halttae (사랑이 떠나려 할때; When Love Tries to Leave)
11. Eopseo (GONE) (없어)
12. Isungan (이순간; This Moment)

I Feel You [CHN Single] (2015.10.23)
1. I Feel You (CHN Ver.)

Why So Lonely [Single] (2016.07.05)
1. Why So Lonely
2. Areumdaun Geudaeege (아름다운 그대에게; To the Beautiful You)
3. Sweet & Easy

Gashina [Digital Single] (2017.08.22)
1. Gashina (가시나)

Juingong (주인공; Heroine) [Digital Single] (2018.01.18)
1. Juingong (주인공)