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Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2016

Sungha Jung

Perfect Blue [Album] (2010.06.17)
1. Hazy sunshine
2. Billie Jean
3. One of us
4. California dreaming
5. Love of my life
6. Fields of gold
7. Superstition
8. Perfect blue
9. More than words
10. Livin' on a prayer
11. A whiter shade of pale
12. Wake me up when September ends
13. Twist in my sobriety
14. I believe I can fly

Irony [Album] (2011.09.21)
1. For You
2. Irony
3. Been Already a Year
4. Fly Like the Wind
5. Waterfall
6. They Don't Care About Us
7. Fragile
8. The Winner Takes It All
9. Songbird
10. Farewell
11. Tree in the Water
12. Beat It
13. River Flows in You
14. Lonely

The Duets [Album] (2012.12.17)
1. Change the World (Eric Clapton), with Akihiro Tanaka
2. Wayfaring Stranger (Folk Song), with Shun Komatsubara
3. Obladi Oblada (The Beatles), with Masa Sumide
4. Perfect Blue (Sungha Jung), with Rynten Okazaki
5. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (Sting), with Aki Miyoshi
6. Hazy Sunshine (Sungha Jung), with Akihiro Tanaka
7. Shape of My Heart (Sting), with Shun Komatsubara
8. Kokomo (Beach Boys), with Masa Sumide
9. Irony (Sungha Jung), with Rynten Okazaki

Paint It Acoustic [Album] (2013.04.15)
1. Felicity 
2. The Phantom of the opera 
3. Sorry 
4. Friends 
5. On a Brisk Day 
6. I remember You 
7. Nostalgia
8. With or Without You (With Trace Bundy)
9. Opening-Jinseino Merry Go Round 
10. Gravity 
11. Hot Chocolate 
12. Monster (BIGBANG)  
13. Fanoe (With Ulli Bogershausen) 
14. Coming Home (With Ulli Bogershausen)

Monologue (Deluxe Edition) [Album] (2014.05.02)
1. First Step
2. The Milky Way
3. Sunset in Paris
4. Lost in Memories
5. Flaming
6. Carrying You
7. Walking on Sunday
8. Present
9. Sprint
10. Mellow Breeze
11. Mosaic
12. Again

 Two of Me (Deluxe Edition) [Album] (2015.05.01)
1. Prelude/April
2. Riding A Bicycle 
3. Backpacking 
4. Waiting 
5. Carol In Spring  
6. Harmonize 
7. Stars 
8. Fairy Tale 
9. Late Autumn 
10. Wild And Mild 
11. Summer Break 
12. Rainy Day

Ulli Bögershausen & Jung Sungha 
Daybreak in May (Duet) [Digital Single] (2016.05.13)

1. Daybreak in May (Duet)

L`atelier [Album] (2016.05.13)