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Montag, 25. März 2019


Label: Dublekick Entertainment
Official Fanclub: Merry-Go-Round

The group was formed through the survival program Survival, Find the Momoland

Nancy (Vocal)
Hye Bin (Leader, Main Rapper)
Jane (Vocal, Main Dancer)
Na Yun (Vocal)
Joo E (Main Vocal)
Ah In (Lead Vocal)
Yeon Woo (Vocal)
Daisy (Rapper)
Tae Ha (Vocal)

Welcome to MOMOLAND [Mini Album] (2016.11.10)
1. Welcome to MOMOLAND
2. JJan! Koong! Kwang! (짠쿵쾅)
3. Sangsabyeong (상사병; Love Sick)
4. Eogiyeocha (어기여차)

Eomaeomahae (어마어마해; Wonderful Love) [Single] (2017.04.26)
1. Eomaeomahae (어마어마해)
2. Eomaeomahae (inst)

Freeze! [Mini Album] (2017.08.22)
1. Kkomjjakma (꼼짝마; Freeze)
2. Joha (좋아; I Like It)
3. Neo, Eoneu Byeoleseo Wassni (너, 어느 별에서 왔니; What Planet Are You From?)
4. Orgel (오르골)
5. Eomaeomahae (EDM Ver.) (어마어마해; Wonderful Love)
6. Kkomjjakma (inst)
GREAT! [Mini Album] (2018.01.03)
1. Bboom Bboom (뿜뿜)
2. Gung Geumhae (궁금해; I'm Curious)
3. Same Same
4. Fly
5. Bboom Bboom (inst)
6. Eomaeomahae (EDM Ver.) (inst) (어마어마해; Wonderful Love)

BBoom BBoom [JP Single] (2018.06.13)
1. BBoom BBoom -Japanese ver.-
2. Welcome to Momoland -Japanese ver.-
3. BBoom BBoom -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)
4. Welcome to Momoland -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)

Fun to The World [Mini Album] (2018.06.26)
2. Very Very (베리베리)
3. Bingo Game (빙고게임)
4. Only one you
5. BAAM (inst.)

BAAM [JP Single] (2018.11.07)
1. BAAM (Japanese Ver.)
2. Only one you (Japanese Ver.)
3. BAAM (Japanese Ver.) (Inst.)
4. Only one you (Japanese Ver.) (Inst.)

Show Me [Mini Album] (2019.03.20)
1. I’m So Hot
2. Falling U
3. 빛나
4. Holiday
5. What You want
6. I’m So Hot (Inst.)

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