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Samstag, 13. Oktober 2018

fromis 9

Project girl group that was formed via the Mnet TV show Idol Hakgyo

Disclaimer :P
Their name is pronounced like "Promise" and stands for "From Idol School".

Baek Jiheon
Jang Gyuri
Lee Chaeyoung
Lee Saerom
Lee Nagyung
Lee Seoyeon
Roh Jisun
Park Jiwon
Song Hayoung

Yurigudu (유리구두; Glass Shoes) [Digital Single] (2017.11.30)
1. Yurigudu (유리구두; Glass Shoes)

To. Heart [Mini Album] (2018.01.24)
1. Naegero Oneun Gil (나에게로 오는 길; The Way to Me)
2. To Heart
3. Hwansangsogui Geudae (환상속의 그대; You In My Fantasy)
4. Pinocchio (피노키오)
5. Be With You
6. Yurigudu (MAMA Ver.) (유리구두; Glass Shoes)

To. Day [Mini Album] (2018.06.05)
1. Dagagago Sipeo (다가가고 싶어)
2. Neoreul Ttara, Neoege (너를 따라, 너에게)
3. Dugeun Dugeun (DKDK) (두근두근; Pit-a-pat)
4. 22 Segi Sonyeo (22세기 소녀; 22nd Century Girl)
5. Clover
6. First Love

From.9 [Single] (2018.10.10)
3. 물들어

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