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Montag, 30. November 2015


Debuted 2012
Label: D-Business Entertainment

Vocal/Rapper: R.A.M
Vocal/Rapper: Z.I.N

Ex Member
Vocal: UJin
JNEY (RapperVisualLead Dancer [Guest Member])

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Welcome to Business [Mini Album] (2012.08.02)
1. Crush (feat. Dok2)
2. I'm Missin' You
3. Neujjam (늦잠; Sleeping In)
4. Turn The Lights On
5. Stereo
6. GoodBye TaTa
7. Luv Vision
8. Ginyeomil (기념일; Anniversary)
9. Jumali Ogijeone (feat. RedRoc) (주말이 오기전에; Before Weekend)

Luv Me [Single] (2012.11.07)

1. Luv Me
2. Luv Me (inst.)

Neujjam [Single] (2013.01.03)

01 늦잠 Part.2 (feat. 태완)
02 늦잠 Part.2 (inst.)

Saranama [Single] (2013.02.14)

1. Saranama (feat. Vasco) (살아남아)

Affirmative Chap.1 [Mini Album] (2013.03.04)
1. Saranama (feat. Vasco) (살아남아; Stay Alive)
2. Eolgulbogo Yaegihae (얼굴보고얘기해; Talk to My Face)
3. Lock Down
4. Alone
5. Neujjam Pt2 (feat. Tae Wan) (늦잠; Sleeping In)
6. Heosuabi (허수아비; Scarecrow)
7. Luv Me

Thank You [Single] (2013.04.16)
1. Thank You (feat. Beenzino)
2. Thank You (Song ver.)
3. Thank You (inst.)

REMIX Jumali Ogijeone [Single] (2013.08.28)
1. 주말이 오기전에 (Remix)

Gundae Bonaegi Silheunde [Single] (2013.09.13)
1. 군대 보내기 싫은데

Neoya [Single] (2013.12.06)
1. 너야

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