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Montag, 30. November 2015


Debuted 2010
Label: 2Works Entertainment

Rapper: Inati
Rapper: Simon
Vocal: Dong Lim
Vocal: Ji Su
Vocal: Daniel

Rapper: Dari

Ex Member
Rapper: Dayday


Round 1 [Single] (2010.09.01)
1. Round 1
2. Round 1 (Inst.)

Dalmatian [Mini Album] (14.02.2011)
1. Lover Cop
2. Geu Namjaneun Bandae (그 남자는 반대; The Man Dissaproves)
3. Lost in Love
4. Really Really (feat. So Hyun)
5. Real Eyes
6. Home Run
7. Round 1 (Bonus Track)

Geu Namjaneun Bandae [Single] (2011.04.04)
1. Geu Namjaneun Bandae Remix (그 남자는 반대)

State Of Emergeny [Mini Album] (2012.05.16)
1. E.R
2. Cha Aneseo (Drive) (차 안에서)
3. Hurt Me
4. Still by Ur Side
5. E.R (Inst.)

Saftey Zone [Single] (2013.01.29)
01. Safety Zone
02. Safety Zone (Inst.)

Ji Su (Solo Project/Debut)
Beautiful [Single] (2015-02-10)
1. Beautiful (ft. SanE)
2. Beautiful (Inst.)

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