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Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

A.CIAN (에이션)

Debuted 2012
Label: Wings Entertainment

Hyukjin (Lead Vocal)
Jungsang (Lead Vocal)
Jin.O (Main Vocal)
Sanghyun (Rapper, Vocal)

Former/Ex Member
U-Tae (Vocal)
Seulgi (Leader, Vocal)
Chanhee (Vocal)
Sehee (Main Vocal)
Crooge (Main Dancer, Rapper)
Hidden (Vocal, Rapper)
LO-J (Leader, Rapper)

STUCK [Mini Album] (2012.10.05)
1. Erserker Tune
3. Where's All My Love

HIT (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2012.11.24)
1. HIT
2. Lie
3. Where's Oh! My Love
4. Posioning
5. STUCK (TV Mix Ver)
6. Where's Oh! My Love (Inst.)
7. STUCK (Inst.)

Ouch [Single] (2014.10.31)
1. Ouch
2. 우리 둘이 (So Happy Together)
3. Up & Down

Somebody To Love [Single] (2015.01.02)
1.  Somebody To Love
2.  Somebody To Love (Original Ver.)
3.  Somebody To Love (MR)
4.  Somebody To Love (Inst.)

Magic Girl [Single] (2015.03.02)
1. 마녀시대 (Magic Girl)
2. 마녀시대 (Magic Girl) (Aura ver.)
3. 마녀시대 (Magic Girl) (Original ver.)

RelAcian [Mini Album] (2015.04.27)
1. Driving
2. 삐끗 삐끗 (Mixed Up)
3. 그냥 떠나가

TOUCH [Digital Single] (2016.03.24)

Yeoreuma Butakhae (여름아 부탁해; Please, My Summer) [Digital Single] (2016.06.16)
1. 여름아 부탁해 (Feat. 이수빈, 하이틴)

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