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Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017

AOA (Ace of Angels)

Jimin (Leader, Vocal, Main Rapper, Guitar) (AOA Black)
Yuna (Lead Vocal) (AOA Black) (Lead Vocal, Keyboard - AOA Black)
Mina (Vocal, Rapper) (AOA Black) (Rapper, Bass - AOA Black)
Hyejeong (Vocal, Visual) (AOA White)
Seolhyeon (Vocal, Visual, Lead Dancer) (AOA White)
Chanmi (Vocal, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Maknae) (AOA White)

Former/Ex Member
Youkyoung (Drums) (AOA Black)
Choa (Main Vocal) (AOA Black) (Main Vocal, Guitar - AOA Black)

Angels' Story [Single] (2012.07.30)
2. Love Is Only You
3. Temptation

Wanna Be [Single] (2012.10.10)
1. Get Out
2. Happy Ending
3. My Song

AOA Black
MOYA [Single] (2013.07.26)
2. Without You
3. MOYA (Inst.)
4. Without You (Inst.)

RED MOTION [Single] (2013.10.15)
1. Heundeullyeo (흔들려; Confused)
2. Nikkeo Naekkeo (니꺼 내꺼; Yours Mine)

Jjalbeun Chima (Miniskirt) [Single] (2014.01.16)
1. Gonna get your heart
2. Jjalbeun Chima (짧은 치마)
3. Garodeung Buraraeseo (가로등 불 아래서; Under the Street Lamps)
4. Jjalbeun Chima (Inst.) (짧은 치마)

Danbal Meori (Short Hair) [Mini Album] (2014.06.19)
1. Fantasy
2. Danbal Meori (Short Hair) (단발머리)
3. Joa Yo!
4. Nae Banjjok (내 반쪽; Soulmate)
5. Mari An Tonghae (말이 안 통해; You Know That)
6. Danbal Meori (Short Hair) (Inst.)
7. Joa Yo! (Inst.)

Miniskirt [JP Single] (2014.10.01)
1. ミニスカート (Miniskirt) (Japanese ver.)
2. ショートヘア (Short Hair) (Japanese ver.)
3. GET OUT (Original ver.)
4. ミニスカート -Karaoke ver.-
5. ショートヘア -Karaoke ver.-
6. GET OUT -Instrumental-

Sappeun Sappeun (Like A Cat) [Mini Album] (2014.11.11)
1. AOA
2. Sappeun Sappeun (사뿐사뿐)
3. Yeojasa Yongbeop (여자사용법)
4. Danduri (단둘이)
5. Time
6. Wheel Lilly (휠릴리)

Like a Cat [JP Single] (2015.02.25)
1. Like a Cat
2. ELVIS -Japanese ver.-
3. Just the two of us -Japanese ver.-
4. Like a Cat -Karaoke ver.-
5. ELVIS -Karaoke ver.-
6. Just the two of us -Karaoke ver.-

Heart Attack [Mini Album] (2015.06.22)
1. Simkunghae (Heart Attack) (심쿵해)
2. Luv Me
3. Deureowa (Come To Me) (들어와)
4. Han Gae (One Thing) (한 개)
5. Jinjja (Really Really) (진짜)
6. Chocolate

Mune Kyun [JP Single] (2015.07.29)
1. Mune Kyun (胸キュン)
2. Yureru (ゆれる; Sway)
3. Choa Yo! (チョアヨ!; I Like It)
4. Mune Kyun (Karaoke ver.)
5. Yureru (Karaoke ver.)
6. Choa Yo! (Karaoke ver.)

Oh BOY [JP Digital Single] (2015.10.01)
1. Oh BOY

Ace of Angels [JP Album] (2015.10.14)
1. Oh BOY
2. Mune Kyun (胸キュン; Heart Attack)
3. ELVIS -Japanese ver.-
4. Choa Yo! (チョアヨ!; I Like It)
5. Luv Me -Japanese ver.-
6. Short Hair -Japanese ver.- (ショートヘア)
7. Lemon Slush
8. Like a Cat
9. You Know That -Japanese ver.-
10. Stay With Me 
11. Miniskirt -Japanese ver.- (ミニスカート)

Bulkkoc (Flame) [Digital Single] (2015.12.17)
1. Flame

AOA Cream
Jiltunayo BABY (질투나요BABY; I'm Jelly Baby) [Digital Single] (2016.02.12)
1. 질투 나요 BABY

Ai wo Choudai (愛をちょうだい; Give Me Love) [JP Digital Single] (2016.04.20)
1. Ai wo Choudai feat. TAKANORI NISHIKAWA (T.M.Revolution) (愛をちょうだい)

Good Luck [JP Single] (2016.08.03)
1. Good Luck (Japanese ver.)
2. 10 Seconds (Japanese ver.)
3. Really Really (Japanese ver.)
4. Good Luck -Karaoke ver.-
5. 10 Seconds -Instrumental-
6. Really Really -Instrumental-

RUNWAY [JP Album] (2016.11.30)
2. OK!
3. WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement girls ver. 
(WOW WAR TONIGHT 〜時には起こせよムーヴメント girls ver.) (H Jungle with t cover)
4. Muah!
5. Cherry Pop (Japanese ver.)
6. Ai wo Choudai feat. Nishikawa Takanori (愛をちょうだい; Give Me Love)
7. Good Luck
8.Love Gave Me You
9. 10 Seconds (Japanese ver.)
10. Still falls the rain
11. Perfect Strangers (Jonas Blue feat. AOA)

ANGEL'S KNOCK [Album] (2017.01.02)
1. Excuse Me
2. Bing Bing (빙빙)
3. Three Out
4. Neukkimi Oni (Feeling) (느낌이 오니)
5. Bulmyeonjeung (Can't Sleep) (불면증)
6. Lily feat. Ro Woon of SF9
7. Melting Love
8. Neo Ttaemune (Help Me) (너 때문에)
9. Oh Boy
10. With ELVIS