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Montag, 9. Dezember 2019

BLANC7 (블랑세븐, ブランセブン)

On January 24, 2019 after a deep conversation about their future, the members agreed to disband

Label: Jackpot Entertainment

Shinwoo (Main Vocal)
Jean Paul (Main Vocal)
TENO (Rapper)
D.L (Sub Vocal)
SPAX (Sub Vocal)
K-KID (Sub Vocal)
TAICHI (Sub Vocal)

Prism [Single] (2017.03.03)
1. Reflects The Light
2. Yeah
3. Fire
4. Yeah (Inst.)
5. Fire (Inst.)
6.  Fire (Urban Dance Ver.)
7. Fire (Urban Dance Ver.) (Inst.)

World Wide [Mini Album] (2017.08.07)
1. Prism Love
2. Hello
3. Prism Love (Piano Ver.)
4. World Wide
5. Hello (Instrumental)
6. Prism Love (Instrumental)

Take Off [Single] (2018.09.03)

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