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Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Bob Girls (단발머리)

Label: Chrome Entertainment

Da Hye - Leader, Main Vocal 
Yoo Jung - Vocal, Rapper 
Ji Na - Vocal 
Dan Bi - Lead Vocal, Maknae 

The group disbanded in February 2015 when they announced member Ji Na's battle with encephalitis and the dissolution of their contracts.

No Way [Digital Single] (2014.06.10)
1. No Way
2. Waeirae (왜이래; Come)
3. No Way (Inst.)
4. Waeirae (Inst.)

Summer Repackage [Digital Single] (2014.07.31)
1. Waeirae (Summer Edit) (왜이래; Come)
2. No Way (Acoustic Ver.)

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