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Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Clazziquai Project

DJ Clazzi (Composer, mixer, and producer)
Alex (Male vocal)
Horan (Female vocal)

Support Member
Christina (Guest vocal, chorus)

instant pig [Album] (2004.05.14)
1. You never know
2. Naegero Wa (내게로 와; Come to Me)
3. Futuristic
4. After love
5. Novabossa
6. Sweety
7. Stepping out
8. Tattoo
9. I will never cry
10. Gentle rain
11. After love (Extra Remix)
12. Flower
13. Play girl
14. My life (Boom Remix)
15. Cat bossa

ZBAM [Remix Album] (2004.11.25)
1. Oh yes - drum bon remix
2. Futuristic - house remix
3. Come to me - mellotron remix
4. She loves you
5. Stepping out - step remix
6. You never know - soft remix
7. Snatcher
8. Come at me to disco - rocking remix
9. After love - female version
10. Skyscraper
11. Come to me - melloton remix (radio edit)

color your soul [JP Album] (2006.02.01)
1. Beautiful woman
2. Salesman
3. Fill this night (English version)
4. Cry out loud
5. I will give you everything
6. Come alive
7. Dateline
8. Be my love (English version-house remix)
9. Hold your tears (English version)
10. Color your soul
11. Speechless
12. Sunshine
13. Steps ahead
14. Will I ever find
15. Be my love (Original Mix)
16. Fill this night
17. Hold your tears
18. Sweety (cosmo remix)

PINCH YOUR SOUL [Remix Album] (2006.03.14)
1. Color your soul (pinch you remix)
2. Love mode (feat. Tablo)
3. Date line (bon voyage remix)
4. Fill this night (paradox remix)
5. Come alive (distort remix)
6. I'll give you everything (buoyant remix) (feat. J & Bobby Kim)
7. Speechless (vanilla soul remix)
8. Cry out loud (black sunshine remix)
9. Sweety (cosmo remix)
10. Chi Chi (original remix)
11. Ibyeol (이별; Farewell)

LOVE CHILD of the CENTURY [Album] (2007.06.07)
1. Prayers
2. Lover boy
3. Saengui Hangaunde (생의 한가운데; Our Lives)
4. Session 1: All Hail
5. Gentle giant
6. Last tango
7. Fiesta (피에스타)
8. Next love
9. Romeo n Juliet
10. Flower children
11. Session 2: Confession
12. Geomyoirui Blues (금요일의 Blues; Friday Blues)
13. Glory
14. Bit (빛; The Light)

ROBOTICA [Remix Album] (2007.12.11)
1. Freedom
2. Iconic Love (feat. Lee Seung Yeol)
3. Robotica
4. You
5. Why (feat. whale)
6. Beautiful Stranger
7. Love mode - hwa remix (feat. VERBAL)
8. Prayers - Shinichi Osawa remix
9. Our Lives - FPM Hyper Society mix
10. Fiesta - DAISHI DANCE remix
11. Lover boy - As Pap As Pop mix
12. Next Love - DJ Kayip remix
13. Love mode (pzq mode) (feat. PE'Z & VERBAL)

METROTRONICS (Special Album) [Album] (2008.11.06)
1. Electronics
2. Flea
3. Beat in love
4. Color
5. Night stage
6. Creator
7. Beautiful stranger - sliced cheese remix
8. Beat in love - Yasutaka Nakata remix

Wizard of OZ [Digital Single] (2009.05.04)
1. Wizard Of Oz (LGT 'OZ' CF 원곡 )

Mucho MUSICA [JP Album] (2009.07.01)
1. Kiss Kiss Kiss
2. Love Again
3. Tell Yourself -Original Mix-
4. Spinning the World
5. The Road
6. Affection
7. Take a Walk
8. Back in Time
9. Chocolate Truffles
10. The World of OZ
11. Back to Mind
12. Flea

MUCHO PUNK [Album] (2009.07.14)
1. Chocolate Truffles (초콜릿 트러플)
2. Kiss Kiss Kiss
3. Love Again
4. Sarangkkeute (사랑끝에; Love Ends)
5. Tell Yourself
6. Back in Time
7. Lazy Sunday Morning
8. Take a Walk
9. The Road
10. Spinning the World
11. Rapunzel (라푼젤)
12. Wizard of OZ

Mucho Beat [Remix Album] (2009.11.26)
1. 핑 (PING
2.  La La La
3. 집착
4. Spinning The World (Voice Remix)
5. Tell Yourself (Daishi Dance Remix-English ver.)
6. 초콜릿 트러플 (Unplugged ver.)
7. Love Again (Ram Rider Remix)
8. Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule) Remix)
9. 집착 (4Step 4Ward Mix - Han (W))
10. Back In Time (Cloud Remix)
11.  Flea (Jojal Remix -Audition Grandprix-)
12. The Road (Sugiurumn Remix)

Blessed [Album] (2013.02.05)
1. Blessed
2. Sweetest Name
3. Love Recipe (러브 레시피)
4. Geunyeoga Widaehae (그녀는 위대해; She is Magnificent)
5. Hamkkeramyeon (feat. Kim Jin Pyo) (함께라면; Can't Go On My Own)
6. Love Right
7. Kkochip Gateun Meonjiga (꽃잎 같은 먼지가; Petals Such As Dust)
8. Brown Gold Eyes
9. Like A Diamond
10. Sarangdo Ganda (사랑도 간다; Love Goes)
11. Yeojeonhi (여전히; Still)

Madly [Digital Single] (2014.08.01)
1. Madly

Blink [Album] (2014.09.18)
1. Naege Dorawa (내게 돌아와; Come Back to Me)
2. Madly
3. Crave You
4. Android
5. Maybe Baby
6. Love Satellite
7. Geudae Nawa Gati (그대 나와 같이)
8. Life etc.
9. Call Me Back (feat. Baechigi)
10. Seupgwancheoreom Saenggagi na (습관처럼 생각이 나; Think About You)