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Samstag, 13. Februar 2016


Official Fanclub: Dolly

Seung Hee (Main Vocals) (2013-2015)
Na Yeon (Vocals, Rapper) (2012-2015)
Hyo Young (Leader, Main Rapper) (2011-2015)
Yeon Kyung (Lead Vocals) (2013-2015)
Hye Won (Lead Rapper) (2011-2015)
Eun Gyo (Lead Vocals) (2011-2015)
Soo Mi‎ (Leader, Lead Vocals) (2011-2012)
Chanmi (Main Vocals) (2011-2012)
Shannon (Never Debuted)
Ji Hyun (Never Debuted)

Ipsul Jaguk (Lip Stains) [Digital Single] (2011.02.11)
1. Ipsul Jaguk (입술자국; Lip Stains)

Charming Five Girls [Mini Album] (2011.02.16)
1. Neo Mariya (너 말이야; Your Words)
2. Ipsul Jaguk (입술자국; Lip Stains)
3. Jjureureureureu (쭈르르르르)
4. Jallasseo (잘났어; You're so Great)
5. Geogi Jamkkan (거기 잠깐; Wait a Second)

Club Remix Time to Play [Mini Album] (2011.05.11)
1. Time to Play (Intro)
2. Ireokung Jeoreokung (이러쿵 저러쿵; Like This or That)
3. Nega Eobsido (네가 없이도; Without You)
4. Neo Mariya (Remix Ver.) (너 말이야; Your Words)
5. Ipsul Jaguk (Remix Ver.) (입술자국; Lip Stains)
6. Jjureureureureu (Remix Ver.) (쭈르르르르)
7. Jallasseo (Remix Ver.) (잘났어; You're so Great)
8. Geogi Jamkkan (Remix Ver.) (거기 잠깐; Wait a Second)

Since 1971 [Digital Single] (2013.07.30)
Jjag 1 Ho (Original ver.) (짝1호; Soulmate #1)
Jjag 1 Ho (Remix ver.) (짝1호)

First Love [Mini Album] (2013.09.17)
1. Saranghanda? Anhanda! (사랑한다? 안한다!; I Love You? I Don’t Love You!) (feat. Dani)
2. Sagichyeosseo (사기쳤어; Cheated)
3. LOV
5. Jjag 1 Ho (Original) (짝1호; Soulmate #1)
6. Jjag 1 Ho (Remix) (짝1호)

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