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Samstag, 20. Juli 2019

Heo Young Saeng (SS501)

LET IT GO [Mini Album] (2011.05.12)
1. OUT THE CLUB (feat. Tae Wan)
2. LET IT GO (feat. Hyun A)
3. RAINY HEART (Biga Naerideon Geu Eoneunal) (feat. Kim Kyu Jong) (비가 내리던 그 어느날)
5. LET IT GO (Inst.)

SOLO [Mini Album] (2012.05.24)
1. Intimidated
2. Crying
3. Maria (Nunmullamu) (눈물나무)
4. Hello Mello (Only Love)
5. Crying (Inst.)

Life [Mini Album] (2013.03.14)
1. Life
2. 작업의 정석 (The Art of Seduction)
3. 그게 나야
4. 알아 다
5. 작업의 정석 (inst.)

Omoide wo Kimi ni [JP Album] (2013.07.03)
1. Always You & I (New Song)
2. Hoshizora (SS501 Cover)
3. Mermaid (SS501 Cover)
4. Again (SS501 Cover)
5. Is It Love? (Acoustic Ver.) (Rearranged)
6. The Broken Night 2013 (Rearranged)
7. Dream On 2013 (Rearranged)
8. Everything You (New Song)
9. All My Love (SS501 Cover)
10. First Sky I've Ever Seen (Memorial Ver.) (Composed)

MOMENT [Mini Album] (2019.06.07)
1. What Do You Know?
2. Moment
3. Want To Be Loved
4. 너라서 (Because of You)

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