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Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

House Rulez

Ahn Jaeson Suck

Ex./Former Member
Young Hyo

Mojito [Album] (2007.04.03)
1. Jib (feat. Youme) (집; Home)
2. Mojito (feat. Huh In Chang & Lee Chae)
3. Do It! (feat. Lee Yoon Jung)
4. Espoir (feat. Gina)
5. Junbiundong (feat. Gina) (준비운동; Warming Up)
6. Into The Disco (feat. Peterson)
7. My Fantastic Black Hat
8. Ku-Chi-Tat-Chi (feat. Lee Yoon Jung)
9. One My Way (feat. Nam Hoon of SUPERSTA & Gina)
10. Like Coco (feat. Annie)
11. Just Wanna Love You (feat. D.Brown)
12. Cheoeumcheoreom (feat. Brian Hamm) (처음처럼; Like the First Time)
13. Joy Ride, Show
14. Mojito (DJ Baram's club house mix)
15. Jib (sax exit ver.) (집; Home)

House Rulez & enne
Tom N Toms Coffee Break [Album] (2009.05.11)
1. AM 7
2. 에스프레소 (Espresso)
3. 카라멜마끼야또 (Caramel Macchiato)
4. 쟈스민 (Jasmine)
5. 프레즐 (Pretzel)
6. 에스프레소 (Piano Ver.)
7. 에스프레소 (House Rulez Remix by Seoro)

Vol.3 Magic Television [Album] (2010.07.30)
1. Channel Guide
2. Good Morning (feat. Kholo Masafu)
3. Bomulseom (feat. Whale) (보물섬; Treasure Island)
4. Surfing Wave
5. My Fantastic Island (feat. evabossa)
6. This Corea (feat. Dbstk Crzzy & Jelly.L)
7. Michael VS Jackson (feat. Saph-Fire)
8. Pako (feat. UV)
9. Bomulseom (feat. Jason) (보물섬; Treasure Island)
10. Pool Party 2010
11. Nigapillyohae (feat. Chae Yeon) (니가필요해; I Need You)
12. Ennes Episode (feat. Enne) (처음처럼; Like the First Time)
13. My Daddy (feat. Annie)
14. Dal (feat. Horan) (달; Moon)

Vol.5 ROAD TO VENUE [Album] (2014.06.16)
1. Morning Call
2. Rock With You (Feat. Jake Pains & 김호연)
3. Holiday Drive (Feat. 김호연of달좋은밤)
4. 바다는우리를 (Feat. Eva)
5. Make It (Feat.모니카)
6. Final Fantasy [Soro Edition]
7. All I Wanna Do (Feat. Steve&로맨틱멜로디초비)
8. 여름은 우리를 (Feat. Jinryang Toyokawa)
9. Road To Venue (Feat. Jake Pains)
10. 아리랑 (Korean Fantasy) (Feat. 김태원 Of 부활)
11. Wake Up Call (Feat. Steve)
12. Way Home
13. Good Night

Winter Anniversary [Album] (2014.12.10)
1. 첫눈은 우리를 (Feat. Jinryang Toyokawa)
2. Snow Piano 2015 (Feat. Baby Boy`s Soul)
3. Good Morning 2015 (Feat. Kholo Masafu)
4. 희망이라는 이름의 별 2015 (Feat. 지나)
5. New Day 2015 (Feat. Another Saturday & Black Ilumin)
6. Rock With You 2015 (Feat. 김호연 Of 달좋은밤)
7. Santa 2015
8. 겨울이야기 2015 (Feat. Baby Boy`s Soul)
9. Trip (Feat. Steeb)
10. 겨울은 우리를 (Feat. 평화, 호연 Of 달좋은밤)

Never Die [Single] (2015.10.10)
1. Never Die (Feat. Cyber Diva & Kim Hoyeon)

Feel Good [Single] (2016.01.04)
1. Feel Good (Man Ver.) (Feat. Steeb, 김호연)
2. Meet
3. Feel Good (Girl Ver.) (Feat. 김호연, Steeb)

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