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Samstag, 12. März 2016


She first debuted as the lead singer of S.E.S, one of the most popular girl groups in K-pop in the 90's. Since 2003 is a solo artist.

Queen [Single] (2007-07-26)
1. Queen (feat. Iseho (이세호))
2. Allegro (feat. Mario)
3. Queen (Remix By Jung Hun Lee (이정훈))

Barareaul Badaboda (Look at the Sea) [Album] (2009-08-06)
1. Barareaul Badaboda Intro (바다를 바라보다)
2. Yes I'm In Love (Feat. 2PM Taecyeon (택연))
3. MAD (Feat. Untouchable (언터쳐블))
4. Yeojaneun Ulgo (여자는 울고; Women Shed Tears)
5. Dilemma
6. Dance Mission
7. Ohui Sanchaek (오후의 산책; Afternoon Walk)
8. Honey Honey
9. Generation Next
10. Useora, Candiya (웃어라, 캔디야; Smile, Candy!)
11. Reach Out
12. MAD - Special Rap Ver (Feat. Untouchable (언터쳐블))
13. Nayo... (with Eugene) (나요...(with 유진); I...)

Yes I'm In Love [Digital Single] (2009-10-09)
1. Yes I'm In Love (Feat. 2PM Taecyeon (택연))

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