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Samstag, 12. März 2016

BIKINY (비키니; formally known as GIRLFRIEND)

Was a Korean pop/electronic 4 member female group that debuted in 2012 under the label StarFactory. They debuted as BIKINY but changed their name to GIRLFRIEND for a short time until 2 members left and added "LaLa" then changed their name back. The motive for the group is "Bubbly, Sexy, and Healthy." Since the group has been inactive since 2013 it's safe to assume that they have unofficially disbanded.

Jae In (Leader)

Former Members

Dance Party [Digital Single] (2012.06.14)
1. Dance Party
2. Dance Party (Inst.)

Fiesta [Digital Single] (2013.01.02)
1. Fiesta
2. Fiesta (Inst.) 

White Love [Single] (2013.01.02)
1. 윈터송 (White Love)
2. 윈터송 (White Love) (Inst.)
3. 윈터송 (White Love) (Inst. With Chorus)

Beautiful Boy [Digital Single] (2013-04-01)
1. Beautiful Boy

Summer Time [Digital Single] (2013-07-05)
1. Summer Time

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