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Sonntag, 3. April 2016


Label: Jackie Chan Group South Korea

JJCC is a multinational group that consists of 4 Korean members and 1 Chinese-Australian member. Before their August 2015 comeback it was announced that the group added two new members, going from a 5-member group to a 7-member group.

Simba - (Rapper, Visual) - (Vocal, Lead Rapper) 
Eddy - (Main Vocal) 
San Cheong - (Leader, Main Rapper, Maknae) 
Prince Mak - (Lead Vocal) 

Cheomen Da Geurae [Single] (2014.03.24)
1. Cheomen Da Geurae (첨엔 다 그래)
2. Cheomen Da Geurae (Inst.) (첨엔 다 그래)

Bing Bing Bing [Mini Album] (2014.08.21)
1. Bing Bing Bing (One Way) (빙빙빙)
2. Niga Tteonaganda (니가 떠나간다; You Are Going To Leave)
3. Be Good
4. Bing Bing Bing (One Way) (Inst.) (빙빙빙)

Fire [Digital Single] (2015.01.14)
1. Fire

Kkochbat eseo [Digital Single] (2015.04.09)
1. Kkochbat eseo (feat. 정훈희) (꽃밭에서; On the Flower Bed)

ACKMONG [Mini Album] (2015.08.20)
1. 어디야
2. 트라우마 (Feat. 유진 of 더 씨야)
3. 불면증
4. 불면증 (Rap Ver.)
5. 어디야 (Inst.)
6. 트라우마 (Inst.)
7. 불면증 (Inst.)

Oneul Hanbeon (Today) [Digital Single] (2016.03.09)
1. 오늘 한번

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