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Sonntag, 3. April 2016

Miss $ (Miss S)

Oh Yumi (Leader, Rapper)
Jace (Rapper)
Kang Min Hee (Vocal)

Former Member
Ne;MO (Guest Member)
Tae Hye Yeong

S Class [Album] (2009.09.03)
1. S Class (Intro)
2. Sarangimwo Gillae (사랑이 뭐길래; What is Love?)
3. Isseul Ttaejalhae (있을 때 잘 해; Do Me Well While You Can)
4. Gateun Sigan Daleun Uli (feat. Rhymer) (같은 시간 다른 우리; Same Time, Different Us)
5. Eoneusae Annyeong (어느새 안녕; Suddenly, Hello)
6. Baram Pijima (feat. Nam Gyu Ri) (바람피지마; Do not Cheat)
7. Neon Teugbyeolhae (넌 특별해; You're Special)
8. Sumgilsu Eobseo (숨길 수 없어; Can Not Hide)
9. Meonga Isseo (뭔가 있어; This is Something)
10. Niga Aniyeossgileul (narr. Rhymer) (니가 아니였기를; You're The One That Was Not There)
11. Sarangimwo Gillae (Vocal Ver.) (사랑이 뭐길래)
12. S Class (Full Ver.) (feat. Bizniz)

pro. Miss.u [Mini Album] (2010.11.02)
1. Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi) (Vibe Cover)
2. Inai Meoggo Mwohaessgillae (feat. Jung Seul Gi) (이 나이 먹고 뭐했길래; Older and None The Wiser)
3. Love Shot (feat. Skull)
4. Over (feat. Ji Eun)
5. It's Not Over (Performed by Block B) (feat. Park Kyung, U-Kwon, ZICO)

Miss Terious [Album] (2011.11.22)
1. Neo Ttawiga Mwolago (feat. Jung Seul Gi) (너 따위가 뭐라고; Such Like You)
2. Ojukhamyeon Ireolkka (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Im Da Hye) 
3. Yeoinui Hyanggi (feat. Taeil of Block B, Im Da Hye) (여인의 향기; Scent of a Woman)
4. Wae Ilae (feat. Jung Seul Gi, Im Da Hye) (왜 이래; Why Come)
5. Nal Beolinge (feat. Jung Seul Gi) (어느새 안녕; Whats The Matter?)
6. Over (feat. Ji Eun)
7. It's Not Over (Performed by Block B) (feat. Park Kyung, U-Kwon, ZICO)
8. Promise U (feat. Jung Seul Gi)
9. Over (Inst.)

Miss Us? [Mini Album] (2012.10.25)
1. Mominji Maminji (몸인지 맘인지; Like Body Like Mind)
2. Anjago Mwohae (Good Night) (안자고 뭐해)
3. Ni Namjaga Aniya (니 남자가 아니야; He's Not Your Man)
4. Nae Jeonhwa Jom Ppaeseojwo (feat. Huh In Chang, Kanto of Troy) (내 전화 좀 뺏어줘; Take My Phone Away)
5. Anjago Mwohae (Good Night) (Inst.) (안자고 뭐해)
6. Dambae Jom Julyeo (담배 좀 줄여; Smoke Less) (Bonus Track)