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Montag, 30. November 2015


Debuted 2012
Label: JYP Entertainment

Vocal: Jimin
Vocal: Yerin


I Dream [Single] (2012.10.05)
1. I Dream

Somebody [Digital Single] (2013-04-07)
1. Somebody

Tiga Nanabwa [Digital Single] (2014-04-13)
1. Tiga Nanabwa (티가 나나봐; Can't Hide It)

Sugar [Album] (2014-05-26)
1. Star
2. Sugar
3. Shy Ma Boy
4. Oh My God
5. Rain & Cry
6. Not Today Not Tomorrow
7. Silly Boy
8. Somebody
9. Tiga Nanabwa (티가 나나봐; Can't Hide It)
10. I Dream

Sarangeun Michinjit [Digital Single] (2015-02-09)
1. Sarangeun Michinjit (feat. Kanto of TROY) (사랑은 미친짓)

Hopeless Love [Digital Single] (2015-04-05)
1. Hopeless Love

FRANK [Mini Album] (2015-11-30)
1. Blue
2. 우주를 건너
3. As I am
4. 혼자 두지 마
5. 잠들고 싶어(zZ)
6. Thats Why

Bye bye my blue [Single] (2016.06.20)
1. Bye bye my blue
2. 그의 바다
3. Zero

Park Jimin
19 to 20 [Mini Album] (2016.08.23)
1. 다시
2. Young해 (Feat. Young K)
3. Walkin` (다시 너에게) (Feat. Hash Swan)
5. to him
6. ANSWER (Demo Ver.)


Debuted 2014
Label: Maroo Entertainment

Ye Na (Leader, Vocal, Visual)
Yoon Seo (Main Vocal)
Ji Eun (Vocal, Main Dancer)
Sae Ha (Lead Vocal, Maknae)


The First Score [Digital Single] (2014-03-03)
1. Yeojainikka (여자이니까; Because I’m Your Girl)
2. Seolleyeo (설레여; Flutter)
3. Yeojainikka (inst.) (여자이니까)


Debuted 2012
Label: Choeun Entertainment

Rapper: Daeil
Vocal: Cory
Vocal: Kisu
Vocal: Sungoh
Jeung Uk
Jinhong (Former Double A Member)
Leehom Wang

Ex Member
Vocal: Seokjune
Rapper: Byungho


Hurry Up [Mini Album] (2012.09.06)
1. It's Time, 24K
2. Hurry Up
3. Secret Love
4. WoA
5. Hurry Up (Radio Edit)
6. Hurry Up (Inst.)

U R So CUTE [Mini Album] (2013-08-01)
1. Gwiyeowo Jukgesseo (귀여워 죽겠어; U R SO CUTE)
2. Eolmamyeon Dwae (얼마면 돼; How Much Do You Need)
3. Eopda (없다; Never)
4. Gwiyeowo Jukgesseo (귀여워 죽겠어) (Radio Edit)
5. Gwiyeowo Jukgesseo (귀여워 죽겠어) (inst.)
6. Eolmamyeon Dwae (얼마면 돼) (inst.)
7. Eopda (없다) (inst.)

Hey You [Digital Single] (2015-04-13)
1. Hey You

Super Fly [Mini Album] (2015-10-01)
1. 천국이야
2. 날라리
3. 달려가
5. 오늘 예쁘네
6. 날라리 (Inst.)
7. 오늘 예쁘네 (Inst.)


Debuted 2012
Label: Nextar Entertainment

Vocal: Ji Hwan
Vocal: Jun Hyung


Cho Young Soo All Star (2BiC & Davichi) [Single] (2012.05.18)
01 오늘같은 밤이면 (Just Like Tonight)
02 오늘같은 밤이면 (Just Like Tonight) (Instr.)

Back to Black [Album] (2013-03-15)
1. Back To Black (Intro)
2. Bye Bye Love
3. Angel
4. 그런 사람이 생겼어
5. 니 눈 니 코 니 입술 (feat. 79)
6. 다 잊었니
7. 24시간 후
8. Love Again (feat. 에일리)
9. 나이기를 (Promise You)
10. Lady Lady (feat. 79)
11. 오늘같은 밤이면 (With 다비치)
12. 또 한 여잘 울렸어
13. 나이기를 (Promise You) (Piano ver.)

She [Single] (2013-11-20)
1. She

Lonely Christmas [Single] (2013-12-05)
1. Lonely Christmas
2. Lonely Christmas (Inst.)

Haengbokhagireul (I Love You) [Single] (2014-01-16)
1. Haengbokhagireul (I Love You)

Your Love [Single] (2014-03-24)
1. Your Love

Soul Mate [Mini Album] (2014-04-10)
1. Unforgettable (feat. 윤한)
2. 요즘 바쁜가봐 (Love Game)
3. 원해요
4. Your Love
5. 요즘 바쁜가봐 (inst.)
6. 원해요 (inst.)

Walking Backwards (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2014-06-25)
1. 뒤로걷기
2. 뒤로걷기 (Acoustic ver.)
3. Unforgettable (feat. 윤한)
4. 요즘 바쁜가봐
5. 원해요
6. Your Love
7. 뒤로걷기 (inst.)
8. 뒤로걷기 (Acoustic ver.) (inst.)

Genuine [Mini Album] (2014-11-26)
1. 우리 다시 사랑한다면
2. 나랑 같이 살래 (Marry you)
3. 첫키스 하는 날
4. 내가 사랑하는 그녀는 (I love her)
5. 우리 다시 사랑한다면 (Inst.)

Genuine [Mini Album] (2014-12-23)
1. 걔 성격 몰라_
2. SUGAR (Feat. Black Swan)
3. 우리 다시 사랑한다면
4. 나랑 같이 살래_ (Marry You)
5. 첫키스 하는 날
6. 내가 사랑하는 그녀는 (I Love Her)
7. 걔 성격 몰라_ (Inst.)

Bye Bye Bye [Digital Single] (2015-03-11)
1. 안녕 안녕 안녕

Hug Me [Digital Single] (2015-03-24)
1. 꽉 안아줄래

여름특집 [Single] (2015-07-17]
1. 여름이잖아요

Return 2BiC [Mini Album] (2015-10-06)
1. 지금처럼 사랑할게
2. 어느 가을 하늘 아래서
3. 별밤 (Feat. Kassy)
4. 니 대답은 no, 난 yes
5. 꽉 안아줄래
6. 안녕 안녕 안녕

Love Memories [Single] (2016.02.03)
1. 사랑한 그때처럼


Debuted 2013
Label: SidusHW

Hyang Sook (Leader, Lead Vocal)
Yeon Jun (Lead Vocal)
Da Eun (Main Vocal)
Hye Rin (Vocal, Rapper)
Da Som (Vocal, Main Rapper)


Kkabuljima [Single] (2013-06-21)
1. Kkabuljima (까불지마)
2. Bloody Luv
3. Aileoniya (아이러니야; Be Ironic)

Shooting Star [Single] (2013-10-08)
1. Intro
2. Shooting Star (슈팅 스타)
3. Shooting Star Inst. (슈팅 스타)

3rd Single Album [Single] (2015-08-15)
1. Pippi


어쩌자고 [Single] (2013-05-09)
1. 어쩌자고

I Want To Meet You [Single] (2014-01-07)
1. I Want To Meet You


Debuted 2012
Label: Excellent Entertainment

Vocal: Bokeun
Vocal: Lucky
Vocal: GoUp
Vocal: WooSu
Vocal: Iri
Vocal: Iz

Rising Sun [Single] (14.08.2012)
1. U
2. Don't Let You Go
3. U (Inst.)
4. Don't Let You Go (Inst.)

DJ Koo

DJ: Koo

I'am DJ Koo [Single] (20.06.2008)
01 Let Me feat. Hana (Original Vers.)
02 Wae feat. Won Wu (Original Vers.)
03 Let Me feat. Hana (Club Remix)
04 Wae feat. Won Wu (Club Vers.)
05 Let Me (Inst.)
06 Wae (Inst.)

The Meaning of Life [Single] (2014-07-17)
1. The Meaning Of Life (Feat  Ashley Jana) (DJ KOO Original Mix)
2. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (Maximite & Opro Electro House Mix)
3. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (Ferry Hyper Dutch House Re-Mix)
4. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (Beatrappa Melbourne Bounce Club Mix)
5. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (DJ Knob Tech House Mix)
6. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (DJ Steve Wu Progressive House Mix)
7. The Meaning Of Life Feat. Ashley Jana (Dion & Opro Progressive House Radio Mix)

A Flying Butterfly [Single] (2015-05-05)
1. 나는 나비 (Remix Ver.)

DJ Clazzi


DJ: Clazzi


Uri Byeonhangeojanha [Single] (2011.11.14)
1. Uri Byeonhangeojanha (with Im Seulong of 2AM) (우리 변한거잖아)

Sexy Doll [Single] (2011.12.21)
1. Sexy doll (with Jubi and Kota of Sunny Hill / rap by MYK)

Infant [Album] (2012.01.17)
1. Bad Girl (feat. Whale)
2. Love&Hate (feat. MYK, Lee Seung Yeol)
3. Where’s dance (feat. Jin Sil)
4. 40 nights (feat. Lee Soo Ryoon, Lee Hyun Song)
5. Star child (feat. MYK, Christina)
6. Uri Byeonhangeojanha (feat. Im Seulong) (우리 변한거잖아; We Changed)
7. Can Only Feel (feat. Kim Wan Sun)
8. Loving You (feat. Jang Woo Hyuk, Cho Hyun Ah)
9. Sexy Doll (feat. Jubi, Kota, MYK)
10. Crazy for love (feat. Christina)
11. Uri Byeonhangeojanha (Remix Ver.) (우리 변한거잖아) (Bonus Track)